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Modern and Contemporary Bathroom Vanities

Modern bathroom design combines simplicity and elegance, doing away with ostentation in favor of a more minimalist sort of beauty. Modern bathroom vanities are the epitome of these design choices. Made of all sleek, simple lines and unadorned geometric shapes, then polished to a beautiful sheen, modern vanities offer a more fashion-forward alternative to more traditional hand-carved vanities. Modern bathroom vanities are also great for smaller bathrooms; their compact, often modular design makes them ideal for the smaller spaces in which a minimalist modern decor can really shine.
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Brand:   Sagehill Series: Modesta Walnut Collection
Our Price: $698.64
Brand:   Sagehill Series: Modesta Walnut Collection
Our Price: $735.93
Brand:   Sagehill Series: Parsons Collection
Our Price: $496.51
Brand:   Sagehill Series: Parkdale Collection
Our Price: $921.43
Brand:   Sagehill Series: Parkdale Collection
Our Price: $1,023.81
Brand:   Sagehill Series: Portafino Collection
Our Price: $857.78
Brand:   Sagehill Series: Portafino Collection
Our Price: $955.55
Brand:   Sagehill Series: Urban Loft Collection
Our Price: $948.05
Brand:   Hardware Resources Series: Vanities
Our Price: $708.30
Brand:   iotti
Our Price: $3,745.00
Brand:   iotti
Our Price: $1,960.00
Brand:   iotti
Our Price: $2,205.00
Brand:   iotti
Our Price: $1,942.50
Brand:   iotti
Our Price: $2,569.00
Brand:   iotti
Our Price: $2,922.50
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Tips for Buying Modern Bathroom Vanities

Modern bathrooms are all the rage these days, and modern bathroom vanities are the foundation of any good modern design. Combining an industrial palette with minimalistic lines, modern bathroom vanities are all about finding beauty in simplicity. That said, the best ones are anything but plain. Here are a few things to keep in mind to keep them interesting:

Country Bathroom Vanities
  • Go For Glass. There’s nothing more elegant than glass in modern design. Whether it’s a counter top, a sink, or even the paneling on the cabinets, choosing a modern bathroom vanity with glass accents is a great way to add color and an interesting focal point to a simple, minimal decor.
  • Have Fun With Funky Sinks. The best way to make a modern bathroom vanity really stand out as something special is to pair it with a unique vessel sink. Whether it’s made of simple vitreous china, stone, glass, or metal, a vessel sink is the best place in a modern bathroom to add something with a little more shape and color.
  • Make Small Stylish. Built to be among the most space-efficient of any type of vanity, modern bathroom vanities provide all the storage you need in a compact package. The minimal design of a modern bathroom (and all that storage) can keep a small bathroom from looking cluttered or busy. Even smaller wall mounted varieties can also make the room look taller, wider, and delightfully symmetrical.
  • MDF Spells Eco Friendly. While in some other types of vanities, an MDF or plywood construction is often less desirable than solid wood, the opposite is true with modern bathroom vanities. A natural wood grain doesn’t suit a modern decor, and MDF is often better sealed and lasts longer than natural wood. As a bonus, using MDF can even help your bathroom qualify for some green home discounts and rebates.
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