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A standard bathtub is 60 inches by 30 inches and sits tucked away in the corner of the bathroom. Such bathtubs, in a variety of materials like fiberglass, gelcoat, porcelain over steel, and acrylic are common, relatively inexpensive and do the job. But stand alone and clawfoot tubs from materials like marble, copper and bronze, glass, etc. in creative shapes and larger sizes, make the soaking experience, well, an experience. Air jet tubs and whirlpools are also becoming more accessible to average households and up the bathtub ante that much further. If you're looking to replace a standard tub with a larger bathtub or a whirlpool, make sure you consult with your contractor beforehand regarding sufficient water supply capability, that the framing will be able to withhold the extra weight and, if you go for an air-jet tub, that you have proper electrical service to the tub.

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