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Range Hoods and Ventilation

Like most other kitchen fixtures, the range hood is benefitting from technological developments – stronger pull, more effective smoke and odor elimination – while at the same time getting attention from designers who help produce range hoods that can beautify a kitchen while working to keep it clean. Choose from ceiling mounted or wall mounted range hood models, simple designs made to look invisible or elegant range hoods perfect for island ranges and large, open kitchens. At the same time, keep in mind that with a range hood, functionality should always come first. Think about how often you cook and how powerful you need the range hood to be.
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I never understood range hoods. It´s that one appliance in the kitchen that´s always sort of there, but unlike a lot of other kitchen fixtures, I never really questioned why. Especially since a lot of the ones I´ve had have been pretty old and ratty, to me they´ve always been those things you turn on if your pasta boils over. But if you´re wondering whether or not you need one, if it´s worth upgrading to a better one, or even if you should bother turning on the one you´ve got, the answer is, emphatically, YES! Why my change of heart?...
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Of course we know the obvious benefit, that range hoods ventilate odor and smoke from the kitchen. The other benefits of a range hood include preventing grease deposits all over the kitchen. It also sucks out the heat that emanates from the stove, which is particularly nice in summer. Best of all, the ventilation prevents that awful chain of events in my apartment where the room gets all misty, the smoke alarm goes off, and the old woman downstairs starts slamming her broom and screaming, shaking the floorboards beneath my feet. Ha! Yes, this is the torment I live with. Fortunately, I have a range hood that can prevent the whole thing...
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They are a breath of fresh air in the world of design. These Elica range hoods come in designs that tell the story of their maker´s foresight and talent. They are gorgeous, unique, efficient, and clever additions for any kitchen. In a country where we are encouraged to express our individuality, Americans often desire a style that´s a little different. Elica makes each of their range hoods with a special design...
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It´s usually the first competitors in the market that nab the generic name - xerox, kleenex, jacuzzi, tupperware – but whether or not you call your range hood a Vent-A-Hood, these pioneers in range hood technology still bring something unique to the table. The secret´s in the fan. Vent A Hood range hoods all come standard with their patented "magic lung" centrifugal blowers. They´re cleaner, quieter, and impressively effective – but what´s the difference?
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