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The bathroom shower as well as the actual shower fixtures, like the showerhead, are being designed with more and more luxurious showering experiences in mind. Though conventional shower stalls and tubs with showerheads remain reliable and inexpensive staples in many homes, alternatives are appearing in full force. Shower spaces can be custom designed with materials like glass and stone to fit any sized bathroom area and shower heads can be chosen that turn up the experience of the shower up a notch. For example, there are oversized showerheads that feel like rain, shower panels, multiple showerhead installation that can be adjusted to suit individual preferences, shower jets, etc. Keep in mind, of course, that such luxuries use more water and more energy if you're taking hot showers.

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Brand:   Grohe Series: Bath
Sale: $315.00 Reg.: $361.54
Brand:   Eagle Bath
Sale: $1,857.07 Reg.: $1,999.00
Brand:   Eagle Bath
Sale: $2,220.31 Reg.: $2,390.00
Brand:   Eagle Bath
Sale: $2,127.41 Reg.: $2,290.00
Brand:   Eagle Bath
Sale: $1,755.81 Reg.: $1,890.00
Brand:   Eagle Bath
Sale: $1,857.07 Reg.: $1,999.00
Brand:   Eagle Bath
Sale: $1,839.42 Reg.: $1,980.00
Brand:   Eagle Bath
Sale: $1,941.61 Reg.: $2,090.00
Brand:   eagle bath
Sale: $1,857.07 Reg.: $1,999.00
Brand:   Eagle Bath
Sale: $1,477.11 Reg.: $1,590.00
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