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The bathroom, an essential in any household, despite its utility spent a lot of time on the decorating backburner of many homes. In the 1990s, however, the bathroom went through a transformation, ushering in luxurious functionality and taking on more personality and decorative flare in the home. Bathroom fixtures became more numerous, more efficient, and more stylish. Part of the reason for the change is that homes have gotten larger and lives busier, prompting home owners to want and to be able to establish small retreats in their own homes to relax: the bathroom is ideal for this. Also, with growing technology and environmental concerns, the bathroom can function better - EPA regulations require that all new bathroom fixtures have optimized flow rates to not waste water. So whether you´re remodeling to update fixtures in your bathroom or looking to update the look of your bathroom, we´ve got everything you need at the price you want to get your bathroom remodeling job done.

Bathroom Bestsellers

2ofTB3021D1ofTB2421VKD ...
Brand:   sagehill Series: Toby Collection
Our Price: $2,440.95
2ofTB1221D1ofTB4821D ...
Brand:   sagehill Series: Toby Collection
Our Price: $3,334.25
1ofTB3021D2ofTB2421VKD1ofTB1221D ...
Brand:   sagehill Series: Toby Collection
Our Price: $2,648.28
1ofTB3021D1ofTB2421VKD1ofTB2421VKD ...
Brand:   sagehill Series: Toby Collection
Our Price: $1,949.53
2ofTB3021D1ofTB1221D ...
Brand:   sagehill Series: Toby Collection
Our Price: $2,868.76
3ofTB1221D2ofTB3021D ...
Brand:   sagehill Series: Toby Collection
Our Price: $4,471.49
2ofTB3621D1ofTB2421VKD ...
Brand:   sagehill Series: Toby Collection
Our Price: $2,750.04
2ofTB2421D1ofTB2421VKD ...
Brand:   sagehill Series: Toby Collection
Our Price: $1,833.70
1ofTB4821D1ofTB2421VKD1ofTB1221D ...
Brand:   sagehill Series: Toby Collection
Our Price: $2,946.78
2ofTB4821D ...
Brand:   sagehill Series: Toby Collection
Our Price: $3,326.68

On Sale Today

MakeyourbathroomoneofakindwiththisuniqueangularVigofaucetVigosstandardsforqualityandstyleareunmatchedSolidbrassconstructionandchromefinishensuredurabilityandlongerlifeHighqual ...
Brand:   Vigo Series: Single Hole Faucets
Reg.: $147.00
Sale: $126.88
PrecisionisonlyastepawaywiththisdripfreeVigofaucetVigosnbspstandardsforqualityandstyleareunmatchedSolidbrassconstructionandchromefinishensuredurabilityandlongerlifeHighquality ...
Brand:   Vigo Series: Single Hole Faucets
Reg.: $105.00
Sale: $96.88
BeaheadoftherestwiththisunusualarcshapedoilrubbedbronzeVigofaucetVigosstandardsforqualityandstyleareunmatchedSolidbrassconstructionandoilrubbedbronzefinishensuredurabilityandlonge ...
Brand:   Vigo Series: Single Hole Faucets
Reg.: $147.00
Sale: $126.88
EleganceisatyourfingertipswiththiscurvedVigofaucetVigosstandardsforqualityandstyleareunmatchedSolidbrassconstructionandchromefinishensuredurabilityandlongerlifeHighqualityceramic ...
Brand:   Vigo Series: Single Hole Faucets
Reg.: $105.00
Sale: $96.88
AchieveatimelesslookwiththisstraightVigofaucetVigosstandardsforqualityandstyleareunmatchedSolidbrassconstructionandchromefinishensuredurabilityandlongerlifeHighqualityceramicdisc ...
Brand:   Vigo Series: Single Hole Faucets
Reg.: $108.00
Sale: $99.64
TheApolloisasimpleLshapedfaucetwithroundededgespolishedchromefinishandasingleleverSolidbrassconstructionandchromefinishensuredurabilityandlongerlifeHighqualityceramicdisccartridge ...
Brand:   Vigo Series: Single Hole Faucets
Reg.: $137.40
Sale: $118.59
S350EWASHLETELONGATEDCOTTONMPNSW58401CategoryUPC739268232129BrandTotoColorFinish ...
Brand:   Toto Series: S350
Reg.: $910.00
Sale: $775.00
SolidBrassConstructionGROHESilkMoveCeramicCartridgeMetalLoopHandlesASMEANSIA112181MANSINSFStandard61CSAStandardB125105tr ...
Brand:   Grohe Series: Bath
Reg.: $317.70
Sale: $284.00
SolidBrassConstructionGROHESilkMoveCeramicCartridgeBuiltInHighTemperatureLimitStopSingleLoopHandleStainlessSteelBraidedFlexibleSuppliesGROHEQuickFixQuickInstallation ...
Brand:   Grohe Series: Bath
Reg.: $215.74
Sale: $172.00
LoopHandleEuphoriaCubeShowerHead2770525gpmBrassArm27710ForusewithGrohsafeRoughInValve35015soldseparatelyASMEANSIA112181MCSAStandardB125105tabl ...
Brand:   Grohe Series: Bath
Reg.: $361.54
Sale: $315.00
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