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Your appliances should work for you, instead of you for them with constant repairs and finicky functioning, so make sure you do your research and pick high quality appliances that are right for your home and your family´s use. Whether you´re looking to replace a refrigerator, dish washer, cooktop, or laundry washer and dryer, take into account power/electricity use, size, longevity, user friendliness, cost, and of course, aesthetics of the appliance you’re purchasing. It´s also worth looking at the appliance manufacturer´s warranty, in case something does go wrong despite your research! Mostly importantly, keep in mind that appliances are designed to make your life easier, so make sure you install them in a way that won´t make it hard to use effectively.

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Brand:   Bertazzoni
Our Price: $259.00
Brand:   Bertazzoni
Our Price: $180.00
Brand:   Bertazzoni
Our Price: $252.00
Brand:   Bertazzoni
Our Price: $257.00
Brand:   Bertazzoni
Our Price: $259.00
Brand:   Bertazzoni
Our Price: $155.00
Brand:   Bertazzoni
Our Price: $999.00
Brand:   bertazzoni
Our Price: $6,399.00
Brand:   bertazzoni
Our Price: $10,499.00
Brand:   Bertazzoni
Our Price: $699.00
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