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Lighting, in any space, is best executed when done in layers. Windows and skylights provide light during the day with large lighting fixtures to take their place as ambient lighting at night, task lighting provides concentrated light in pre-determined locations and accent lighting helps emphasize aspects of the room decor or to set a mood in the space. There are also decorative lighting fixtures that work as part of the decor, rather than to accentuate the extant design of the room. Interplay of the different types of lighting helps make nuanced, beautiful and useful light in any room. Lighting, much like furniture and/or fixtures, should be chosen according to the size and shape of the space, the amount of light needed, and whether you're willing to do the extra work to install lighting fixtures or want something simpler, like a lamp. Whatever lighting you decide on for your home, we have the variety and the prices you want.

Lighting Bestsellers

Brand:   Uttermost Series: Semi Flush Mounts
Our Price: $261.80
Brand:   Uttermost Series: Semi Flush Mounts
Our Price: $213.40
Brand:   Uttermost Series: Semi Flush Mounts
Our Price: $283.80
Brand:   Uttermost Series: Semi Flush Mounts
Our Price: $250.80
Brand:   Uttermost Series: Semi Flush Mounts
Our Price: $301.40
Brand:   Uttermost Series: Semi Flush Mounts
Our Price: $411.40
Brand:   Uttermost Series: Flush Mounts
Our Price: $261.80
Brand:   Crystorama Series: Clear Cut Crystal Wall Sconce
Our Price: $158.00
Brand:   Crystorama Series: Swarovski Spectra Crystal Wall Sconce
Our Price: $198.00
Brand:   Crystorama Series: Swarovski Elements Crystal Wall Sconce
Our Price: $250.00
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