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Bathroom Sinks

Bathroom sinks have grown along with the bathroom in creativity, options, styles and materials. The main factors when choosing a sink from an increasingly widening variety of bathroom sinks are sink type, material and, probably, cost. China, fire clay and porcelain sinks tend to be the most economic while concrete, cast iron and stone tend to be the most durable. Glass vessel sinks tend to scream for attention in a space, while ornate wood and stone sinks command a calm yet solid presence in the bathroom. Now, too, in addition to old standards like drop down sinks and simple console tables for one sink, there are vessel sinks, pedestal sinks, above-counter bathroom sinks, undermount sinks and an increasing array of truly creative options. Consider the size of your bathroom to choose a smaller or larger sink to fit it and then choose away!

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Our Price: $98.00
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Our Price: $98.00
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