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Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom Vanities 40-50 inches Wide

On the larger end of the single vanity spectrum are bathroom vanities in the 40-50 inch range. These are hefty without being huge, and typically offer much more storage space than your average bathroom vanity, often with two sets of drawers in addition to cabinet space. 48" bathroom vanities are most common in this bracket, and many manufacturers offer scaled up, slightly larger versions of many of their vanities for those that have the space. This is also the size range where you'll find many antique style vanities, and the largest two-unit modular wall mounted vanities.
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Brand:   Sagehill Series: Toby Collection
Our Price: $1,449.02
Brand:   Sagehill Series: Cottage Retreat Collection
Our Price: $1,343.23
Brand:   Sagehill Series: Cottage Retreat Collection
Our Price: $1,436.72
Brand:   Sagehill Series: Cottage Retreat Collection
Our Price: $1,229.26
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