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Stainless Steel Sinks And Modern Kitchen Faucets – Quick Kitchen Updates On A Budget

Kitchen remodels are among the most arduous and invasive (not to mention expensive) projects you can do in your home. You might have a spare bedroom, a second bathroom, or somewhere else to stash your TV while you renovate. But chances are, you don’t have a second kitchen to use while yours is out of commission. Short of your kitchen being severely dated, it’s often better to opt for smaller facelifts than a full renovation. Doing something simple – like replacing kitchen sinks and kitchen faucets – costs a lot less than a major remodel. Replacing your existing setup with inexpensive stainless steel sinks and matching kitchen faucets is a great way to give your kitchen a modern update in as little as an afternoon – and on a small budget.

Wash Dishes Like A Pro

If you’re going for a very modern look, I’d highly recommend opting for a commercial style pull down faucet. These faucets lend not only professional quality functionality, but also a sleek, designer finish with a distinctly culinary air. They work best paired with large stainless steel sinks, which can easily accommodate big pots and pans. It’s the kind of setup you’d find in a professional kitchen, and can accommodate large amounts of food or dishes. They also have a sleek, modern finish that looks great on its own, and still match as you update your other kitchen appliances. Total cost? Just under a thousand dollars for a professional chef-quality setup.

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Eye-Catching Modern Faucets

Don’t need a huge, industrial sized kitchen sink? A commercial-style faucet can still be nice to have, even paired with a more conventional sink. While you might not have the space to blast down a pressure cooker Iron Chef style, these distinctive faucets are still a great statement piece for a modern kitchen. If your current kitchen faucet is merely ordinary, swapping it with a highly designed faucet can change the overall look and feel of your kitchen. Total cost? About $300 to dramatically update your space.

Of course, there are more advantages to stainless steel than just looking good, and not all stainless steel fixtures are strictly modern in design. I like stainless steel kitchen sinks because they have a clean, finished look that resists wear and tear incredibly well. Where porcelain or fireclay sinks will show damage, stainless steel develops a nice patina with heavy use. So if you want the durability of stainless steel sinks in a less-contemporary space? Pair an apron-fronted steel sink with a more traditional-style faucet in a finish that matches your hardware. Total cost? Just over a thousand dollars for a homey look with a very clean, updated finish.

Swap The Sink, Keep Your Counters

Not ready to replace your whole counter top? You’ll need to look for stainless steel sinks and kitchen faucets that accommodate your existing setup. Drop-in sinks like are a great way to do that; even if the hole for your existing sink isn’t exactly the same size or shape as the one you want to replace it with, the edges of the sink that overlap the counter will hide any uneven edges, or any extra faucet holes that might be left over from the swap. Many modern kitchen faucets only require a single opening, so you can typically accommodate them without any additional drilling. Total cost? Starting at just under $300 – depending on the size of your sink and included accessories – for a simple, stylish setup.

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Price =/= Quality

Another great thing about using stainless steel? If you know what to look for, you can get high quality, good looking fixtures for next to nothing. Some high-end designers will charge an arm and a leg for even a very simple sink and faucet setup. But there are plenty of smaller and discount brands out there that will provide the same quality fixtures in similar (sometimes nearly identical) styles at a fraction of the price. The gorgeous stainless steel sink above, for example? Costs almost a thousand dollars less than one from a more familiar brand, despite being the same dimensions, gauge, grade, and finish. Total cost? Your choice between $300 and $1,300!

Mix, Match, And Shop Around

Really, though, my absolute favorite thing about stainless steel sinks and fixtures is that they’re so incredibly easy to match. While steel sinks may vary somewhat in quality and style, they’re ultimately pretty similar in finish no matter who or where you buy them from. And the same goes for the matching chrome or satin faucets – there’s really no visual penalty for shopping around. So if you find a look you really like, but at a price you don’t love? You’re totally free to shop around, mix and match! Total cost? The lowest you can get, without sacrificing quality!

If you want to update the look and feel of your kitchen, but aren’t in the game for a full sized renovation, consider just swapping out your kitchen sink and faucet. Stainless steel sinks go a long way towards modernizing your space, and quality, designer kitchen faucets add both beauty and functionality to your space. And if you shop smart, it won’t even cost you an arm or a leg!

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