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Double Vanities – Beautiful Ways To Double Your Sink Space And End The Master Bathroom Feud

When it comes to designing a master bathroom, there’s one thing you should keep in mind above all else: elbow room. Some people extend the idea to his and hers bathing areas (usually a tub for her and a shower for him) or even his and hers closet space. But the very most important feature you should have in your master bath is a sink for each occupant, spaced far enough apart that you won’t bump elbows while you brush. Double vanities are a nice, stylish way to incorporate multiple sinks into your master bathroom, and also afford all the storage you need for two.

Keep The Peace With Separate Sinks

The bathroom is one of those places that the battle of the sexes can rage the most fiercely. Especially if you and your significant other both head in to work at around the same time each day, competing for sink space, counter space, and even mirror space can make things a little tense. One of the best ways to keep the peace in your relationship is to have your own areas to get ready in the morning. A double vanity is a nice place to start. If you’ve got the space for it in your bathroom, I like a really large vanity that’s wide and open, with far-spaced sinks so you’ll be well out of each other’s way.

Double Vanities Pack A Big Style Punch

Double vanities are good for more than just making sure you don’t spit toothpaste on your significant other. It’s possible to install two separate, smaller vanities – sometimes even in different areas of the bathroom – to much the same effect. But large double vanities are beautifully designed and make an excellent focal point in your bathroom. Whether you’re looking for something really ornate, sleek and modern, or a vanity with more of a retro mid century vibe, there’s a double vanity out there that can add a big punch of personality to your space.

Double Vanities More Than Double Your Storage Space

As well, double vanities afford a lot more storage without taking up as much space or requiring any extra storage cabinets. While very small single vanities have much smaller footprints, if you have a lot of toiletries, a bigger vanity does a much better job not only of storing it, but keeping it out of sight. These days many manufacturers put a strong emphasis on adding storage and making use of the whole vanity. That means fun features like tip-out drawers and built-in shelves that you use all the space inside each cabinet. If you find yourself getting in a lot of arguments about stray curling irons or stubble in your sink? A big double vanity is a great compromise. You both get to keep all your stuff in your own space without ever having to see the other’s.

Maximize A Large Bathroom With A Modular Vanity Set

Double vanities will always have more storage per-capita than two single vanities; they have space between them that two sinks won’t. This is most obvious in modular vanities. That is, two single vanities bridged by either a connecting counter or a set of storage drawers. The pieces assemble seamlessly – just push the three together and hook up the plumbing through the open backs. More importantly, they provide more storage in less space than the three pieces would if they were installed separately.

…Or A Vanity With A Makeup Table

It doesn’t hurt that modular double vanities look great, too. Ones that use a counter-style bridge rather than added drawers have become a particularly popular option. These are perfect for use as makeup tables. While they won’t give you the extra drawer space (and require a little more setup during installation), they can be a lifesaver if your bathroom is short on counter space. If haircare and makeup overflow are a point of contention in your bathroom, a bathroom vanity with a built-in makeup table can be a great peacekeeper, keeping everything both consolidated and usable. Look for makeup bridges that have drawers to get the best of both worlds.

But double vanities aren’t just good for maximizing larger spaces. They can also work well in smaller bathrooms. Smaller double vanities might leave you bumping elbows. But if your main concern is having sinks for two, you can find double vanities that aren’t much bigger than a largish single vanity. A few even clock in under the 48″ mark. Not only will that give you two sinks in less space than you’d need for two small vanities, you also get more counter space and storage than you would by splitting the sinks.

Amp Up Your Style With A Bigger, Bolder Vanity

Some bathroom design practically screams for double vanities. Cottage style bathrooms, for example, rely on simple lines and subtle wainscotting to create a homey look and feel. The continuous, unbroken lines on a double shaker style vanity are visually appealing and help emphasize that feeling. The heft of the vanity helps give a room that country feel; the more furniture-like the vanity the better.

Have Fun With Minimalist Modern Double Vanities

Modern design also makes excellent use of double vanities. Modular, wall-mounted vanities tend to be more common because they make it easy to create white space. But if you need a little more storage – or just don’t like the floating look – don’t be afraid to look for a vanity with legs. Asymmetrical open shelves are an excellent way to incorporate that sleek, minimal design into your bathroom without giving up all that extra storage space.

…But Be Honest About Your Storage Needs

If you like a little white space, and aren’t quite so concerned about storage, large console vanities are coming back in vogue. These are sleek and simple, with a minimalist look that can gain a touch of glam or a little industrial chic depending on the color metal you choose. Some come with built-in cabinets or compartments, while others are totally open for an airier, more minimalist style. That said, be realistic about how much stuff you need to store and how hidden you want it to be. The last thing you want is a double vanity that will make your master bathroom feel more cluttered!

If you’re planning a master bathroom remodel, have kids who don’t play well and need a better designed kid’s bathroom, or are just sick of sharing a single sink, a double vanity can really make a big difference, and even end long-standing bathroom feuds. And double vanities come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, so no matter what your style, it shouldn’t be too hard to find the perfect vanity to fit your needs.

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    I finally convinced my husband to let me shop around for a new double vanity set up. The one we have now was there when we moved in about 18 years ago…back in 1994.

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