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Decadent Victorian Style Bathroom Vanities by Sagehill For Your Next Remodel

Modern bathrooms are nice, but if you’re looking for some truly decadent decor, a Victorian theme will win every time. Drawing on the luxurious designs of a time where bathing was more indulgence than necessity, opulent Victorian style elements will make you feel pampered before you ever set foot in your tub. Sagehill’s line of Victorian and antique vintage style bathroom vanities are made to do just that, with solid wood construction and beautiful antique finishes, all inspired by period pieces and designs to make the perfect backdrop for an utterly elegant, sensuously sophisticated bathroom.

Sagehill Designs Vanity From The Barrister Collection
Sagehill Designs Vanity From The Barrister Collection

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One of Sagehill’s truest antique replicas, the Victorian bathroom vanity from the Barrister Collection has beautiful, intricate wood detailing from head to toe. The elegant floral and seashell design and beading are all completely hand carved, period inspired, and utterly lavish. And considering they’re done on real mahogany veneers over solid maple, this is absolutely the best way to get real antique style and real wood quality without having to pay antique prices (or for solid mahogany to sit in a damp room!). From the paw feet and serpentine carvings to the antique brass period hardware, the Barrister vanity looks and feels like an authentic antique. The dark, patterned mahogany is best suited to a darker decor done in deep royal colors and gem tones, and would pair beautifully with a freestanding copper tub and a crystal chandelier for the ultimate royal bath treatment.

Sagehill Bathroom Vanity From The Kingston Court Collection
Sagehill Bathroom Vanity From The Kingston Court Collection

This Kingston Court vanity is not an actual antique design, but is heavily inspired and influenced by British architecture. Two classical style pillars adorn either corner of the front face, supporting a granite or marble counter on top, while the paneled doors and drawers add depth and heft, giving the vanity a grand presence and weight. Made of maple hardwood, the vanity is palpably solid, and the real ash burlwood veneers are painstakingly finished to an authentic looking antique patina – rich, dark, and pleasantly aged. All of the woodwork is finished with a subtle gold glazed accent that helps emphasize and enhance the carvings and gives the vanity a tasteful but regal air. The intricate antique brass knobs and pulls are based on real period designs, and help carry the flecks of gold in the finish throughout the vanity, making it an excellent pair for a Victorian era cream-and-gold palette.

Sagehill Designs Bathroom Vanties Blakely Mannor

On the other end of the spectrum is Sagehill’s Blakely Manor collection. More Oriental than Romanesque, this collection draws on styles popular in English country estates. Like many of Sagehill’s vanities, this collection is made entirely of maple hardwoods with real cherry wood veneers, finished with an aged patina to give it an authentic antique look and feel. Relative to some of their other antique styles, the Blakely Manor vanity and accessories are fairly simple, with a basic rectangular face, squared drawer fronts, and simple straight legs fitting of their country inspiration. But the detail work is beautiful if subtle – the simple reed style carving on the bottom edge, the gilded detailing on the feet, and the beautiful carved, gilded flowers on the front face (and matching details on the Mirror) all make for a purely elegant piece that’s somewhat more casual without sacrificing luxury. And the five drawers (plus one faux drawer with a fabulous antique keyhole) mean you’ll have plenty of storage space, too.

Sagehill Designs Vanity Cavinet With One Door And Two Drawers From The Victorian Collection
Sagehill Designs Vanity Cavbinet With One Door And Two Drawers From The Victorian Collection

Finally, Sagehill’s collection that actually goes by the name “Victorian Bathroom Vanity” is a little different than their other antique styled vanities. Most obviously, rather than letting the natural grain of the wood show through, these vanities are finished with a hand-painted white provincial glaze, which enhances the appearance of gentle weathering and age without damaging or diminishing the wood. Among all their antique designs and all the styles from their Estate Living collection, the Victorian bathroom vanities are easily the simplest, with unassuming but stylish feet and unadorned, elegant paneling. If you’re looking for a little classic flair, but don’t want to go overboard with the antiques, this collection is the perfect compromise, combining a casual design with a simple period influence that will transport you back to a simpler, more sophisticated time.

Complete Sagehill Vanities Victorian Collection, Including 36 Inch Vanity, Mirror, Linen Hutch, And Hutch Topper
Complete Sagehill Vanities Victorian Collection, Including 36 Inch Vanity, Mirror, Linen Hutch, And Hutch Topper

The real appeal of Sagehill’s Victorian collection, though, lies in its customizability. Available in subtly different 30″ and 36″ versions, as well as a smaller Linen Hutch, the straight squared sides of all the pieces are made to be paired, and fit seamlessly together. Whether you want a single vanity with a little extra storage in between, two freestanding vanities and a matching linen cabinet, or to create a double vanity with 1-3 sets of drawers, the Victorian collection is extremely flexible. It’s in the add-ons you’re going to find a little extra flair, too – the matching Mirror  and the Linen Hutch Top are both adorned with simple Victorian style fluted trim and crown molding, which makes a beautiful top to the other pieces in the collection (though the hutch topper can also be mounted to the wall on its own), and infuse the set with just a touch of regal sophistication. Perfect for a light-toned, almost country styled bathroom, these simple vanities can combine to fit just about any sized bathroom, but are rugged enough that they’d be great for a kid’s bathroom, too. Pair these with a few pink accessories and petite chadelette, and it’ll be fit for your little princess!

Whether you want to give your bathroom the full royal treatment, or just a touch of classical style, one of Sagehill’s Victorian style vanities is the perfect bold, sophisticated statement piece to help take your bathroom remodel to the next level – and help you bathe in style. If you’re thinking about doing an antique style remodel, what kind of designs or color schemes are you considering? Would you rather have a very clearly antique styled vanity, or do you think you’ll opt for something more subtly weathered or aged? Let me know in the comments!

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