Ceramic ang porcelain tile for your kitchen and bathroom
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Brand:   WaterLess
Our Price: $341.11
Brand:   WaterLess
Our Price: $225.26
Brand:   Mansfield Series: Adam
Our Price: $110.38
Brand:   Mansfield Series: Cascade
Our Price: $214.70
Brand:   Mansfield Series: Brevity
Our Price: $184.27
Brand:   Mansfield Series: Brevity
Our Price: $199.13
Brand:   Mansfield Series: Suburban;
Our Price: $151.18
Brand:   toto Series: Urinal
Our Price: $727.99
Brand:   american standard Series: Stallbrook Collection
Our Price: $527.50
Brand:   american standard Series: Jetbrook Collection
Our Price: $316.15
Brand:   american standard Series: Maybrook Collection
Our Price: $396.69
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Sick of having the age-old toilet seat argument with your spouse? Tired of cleaning up after your son (or husband!) that maybe doesn´t have the world´s best aim? If you have a decent sized bathroom - and especially if you have more than one guy in your household - it might be worth considering installing a urinal. Sounds a little weird, I know, but I promise the men of the house will appreciate it. Better still, not only can home urinals keep your bathroom cleaner, your toilet neater, and eliminate a major point of contention in the battle of the sexes… they´re also great from the environment, and can save you big on your water bill...
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