Artisan Kitchen Sinks And Faucets – High Quality Fixtures For A Beautiful Kitchen

When planning a kitchen remodel, choosing some of the smaller elements – like the kitchen faucet and kitchen sink – can be daunting, if only for the sheer number of options available. Even if you have a specific style in mind, there are so many slight variations, both in price and the fixtures themselves, that […]

Solid Wood Bathroom Vanities – Durable, Beautiful Vanities To Last A Lifetime

Once upon a time, almost all furniture was made from solid wood. Wood was harvested from trees, cut to size, assembled, carved, sanded, stained, and sealed – and that was that. But nowadays it can be difficult to know what you furniture¬† is made of. Why should you care? Let’s take bathroom vanities as an […]

Contemporary Bathroom Vanities For A Casual Yet Classy Bathroom Decor

Looking for a way to combine the decadence and beauty of an antique or traditional vanity with the sleek simplicity of a modern design? Contemporary bathroom vanities offer the best of both worlds, combining beautiful hardwood and simplified traditional styles with spunky modern hardware. If you want to give your bathroom a warm, luxurious feel […]

Double Vanities – Beautiful Ways To Double Your Sink Space And End The Master Bathroom Feud

When it comes to designing a master bathroom, there’s one thing you should keep in mind above all else: elbow room. Some people extend the idea to his and hers bathing areas (usually a tub for her and a shower for him) or even his and hers closet space. But the very most important feature […]

Black Vanities For An Easy Modern Twist On Any Bathroom Decor

When it comes to interior design, black is always a striking color. Especially if you use it in any dominant way – walls, floors, or large pieces of furniture – it’s an incredibly bold and attention grabbing color. In a bathroom this is even more true. Since there’s so little space to go around, and […]

Traditional Vanities – Part Old World Charm, Part Simple, Contemporary Sophistication

When it comes to choosing an overarching decor for your next bathroom remodel, you have to strike a fine balance between designs that are currently trendy and pieces that will continue to look good as styles change. The lifespan of your bathroom should be much longer than the typical design cycle, so while you should […]

Waterless Urinals For Home And Commercial Use – How They Work (And Why You Want One!)

The concept of a waterless urinal not a new one. The very first versions became available in the early ’90s, and have begun to gain widespread notoriety and acceptance. But in a time where water is becoming increasingly scarce – and expensive – ditching the flush is an excellent way to conserve water both residentially […]