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Whitehaus Collection - Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks, Faucets, Showers and more

Whitehaus Collection - Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks, Faucets, Showers and more.

Whitehaus has spent the last decade creating innovative designs for the kitchen and bathroom, tailoring their collections to a wide variety of personal styles. With a huge selection of classical and modern styles, Whitehaus seeks to make it easy to find and coordinate exactly the look you want in some of the most-used spaces in your home.

Whitehaus Collection

Beautiful Metal Kitchen Sinks

Whitehaus' stainless steel kitchen and utility sinks are made of heavy duty 16 or 18 gauge stainless steel and are specifically designed to help reduce noise and vibration for a supremely quiet sink operation - even with the garbage disposal on. Their copper sinks are completely hand-hammered, and are available in multiple finishes, both in under-mount installations as well as decorative apron styles. Better still? Both their steel and copper sinks are 100% recyclable.

Whitehaus Collection

Handcrafted Fireclay Sinks

Their fireclay farmhouse sinks are hand crafted from genuine fireclay and are on average 30% heavier than a standard vitreous china sink. The denser, thicker material and their special glazing process allows for a durable, smooth, shiny surface that won't stain or scratch, and is resistant to bacteria and extreme heat and cold. Many models have different patterns on the front and back, allowing for a reversible installation as well.

Whitehaus Collection

Kitchen Faucet Selection

With options ranging from vintage-inspired cross-handle faucets to ultra-modern faucets with built in pull-out sprayers, Whitehaus offers a little bit of everything when it comes to choosing a kitchen faucet. Not only do they have a wide variety of styles for your main kitchen faucet, they also offer a full line of pot fillers, utility faucets, and even hot/cold water dispensers, making it easy to get all the faucets you need for your kitchen in exactly the style you want.

Whitehaus Collection

Decorative Bathroom Sinks

While the majority of Anywhere Fireplace's fireplaces are designed to be used indoors, they have an entire outdoor fireplace collection as well. From stainless steel tiki torches to stunning table toppers and centerpieces, these fireplaces have a much lower environmental impact than fire pits or outdoor heaters, and require none of the messy cleanup or poking and prodding to get the fire going. Just add the fuel, light with a long match or lighter, and enjoy the light and heat, which can brilliantly extend the usable season of your outdoor patio set.

Whitehaus Collection

Fully Stocked Bathroom Fixtures

As with the kitchen, Whitehaus has all the fixings to dress your bathroom to the nines, whether you love a rustic country style or something sleek and modern. They have a whole range of lavatory faucets, tub fillers, and even shower heads in matching sets, making it easy to get a coordinated, unified look. Plus, they have both standard and luxury rainfall style shower heads, and all the hardware you need to convert from one to the other, so no matter what kind of bathroom you're designing, they almost definitely have what you need.

Stunning Modern Bathroom Furniture

While many of Whitehaus's faucet options are very traditional, wall mounted wood, steel, and glass bathroom vanities are nothing if not modern. With a highly modular design and sleek, futuristic style, their vanities, decorative sinks, and storage cabinets are easily combined for a cutting edge designer bathroom style.