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Beds ideas and shopping tips

Typically, pet beds are one of the unfortunate necessities of pet ownership. Most dog mats or foam cat beds aren't exactly the most attractive things, but if you don't want Fido or Fluffy sleeping on your bed, sofa, or favorite recliner, you more or less need to offer them a soft, squishy alternative. But never fear - not all dog beds have to look like big fluffy door mats, and not all cat beds ar...
Having spent most of my life living in fairly cramped spaces, I know how much of a godsend well-designed, space-saving furniture can be. Now, bunk beds are typically associated with kids' rooms, and lofted furniture is arguably the stuff dorms are made of, but that doesn't mean there isn't some sound logic behind the designs. Especially if you're working with a very small amount of space, minimizi...
If you have more than one child, chances are, your house has felt some growing pains as your youngest transitions from crib to full sized bed. Unfortunately, houses don't always grow as fast as families, and often it isn't practical (or even possible!) for all of your kids to have their own rooms. Choosing the right furniture can go a long way towards keeping the peace, though: a good bunk bed wil...
Just like many other big ticket items around the house, your mattress is something you want to milk as much life out of as you can. But unlike most major appliances that always ultimately obviously (and oftentimes dramatically!) break down, it isn't quite so obvious when your mattress needs to be replaced. Fortunately, there are a few simple rules to know when it's time to toss it, and some simple...
In honor of yesterday's discussion of multitasking furniture, today I want to give a nod to maybe the most derided (yet important!) of all dual-purposed furniture: the sofa bed. Now, these aren't exactly popular, for more reasons than one. Futons are the bread and butter of college students and first-time renters, cheaper than either a bed or a sofa and able to do both jobs, but neither of them pa...
Much of interior design is modernizing - streamlining shapes and simplifying design to reflect the more casual contemporary lifestyle. But if there's one space where opulence reigns - and rightly so - it's the bedroom. A good bedroom set should have comfort and style in spades, and nothing does that quite like an antique design. Antique beds in particular make a bold, elegant statement piece that ...
In a bedroom, one of the few places you can really get creative with your design is with the headboard. Sure, bed frames, linens, paint, and other furniture are important, but almost always the headboard is the focal point and centerpiece for the space. This has been especially true lately, with headboards trending larger and larger - not just tall and wide, but even taking up the full wall behind...
What is the most important room in your house? You might be tempted to say a room that your guests will see, the living room or the kitchen. But your bedroom is the place you will be spending a great deal of time in. Hopefully-if you are getting your rest--six to eight hours a night. Choosing a bed is an important step in decorating a home, and choosing a comfortable and aesthetic way to dress tha...
Have you ever wanted to showcase your personality in the bedroom, but not sure how? Instead of buying boring, department store bedding, get one of these fashionable and unique novelty bedspreads instead. There are different types of novelty bedding for all tastes: to sleep in the comfort of famous artwork, to embrace your flower power, to visit the world in your room, to bring an exotic animal to ...
It's a wonderful time in your life, as a special new addition is coming to you or a loved one by birth, adoption, or other means. Congratulations! But in preparing for their arrival, you might find yourself asking: what is organic bedding and does it matter for your baby? It can be overwhelming with all the choices available both in stores and online, some using this buzzword and some not. Well, w...