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Pendant lighting encompasses a broad array of lights – anything that hangs from the ceiling, basically – and includes everything from chandeliers to spotlights over the bar. Use pendant lighting to increase ambient light in a space, to accent nooks or provide extra illumination over a table, for example. Keep in mind, also, that pendant lights come in a wide variety of styles and prices, so you can easily use the lights as decorative fixtures in addition to their more utilitarian function. Pendant lights can have several lights stemming from a main cable or they could be smaller, with only one bulb. Figuring out which you prefer, along with a budget and a style preference, will make your shopping experience much easier.

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Modern kitchens are sleek and sophisticated, and often have a professional, restaurant style air. But unfortunately that means that all too often modern kitchen lighting is extremely industrial and utilitarian. Rather than elegant or decorative, most modern kitchen lights are stark, made of sharp geometric shapes and simple, bold lines. Traditional pendants and chandeliers look out of place with a...
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