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Mirrors ideas and shopping tips

Arriving nicely dressed to work every single day might be the key to success, but appearing well groomed is easier for some than others. It depends on a person's type of hair, whether or not he has tattoos, or has a talent for ironing or suffers any chronic acne. Life can be cruel. The bathroom vanity was aptly named such because it is a place in the home where we focus all our attention on ou...
In some rooms of the house, a mirror is a necessity - a way to check your hair, check your teeth, check your tie. But outside the bathroom or a bedroom vanity, mirrors need to do more than just reflect, as people will be looking at them rather than just in them. A good decorative wall mirror can help enhance your decor, and even the apparent size of your room. Large mirrors are especially g...
You'd be hard pressed to find a bathroom that doesn't have a mirror in it, but having a bathroom mirror that's attractive, big enough to help you assess your outfit, and functional to boot? That's a little harder. Even if you have a pretty good medicine cabinet, chances are you can do better. So if you find yourself wishing you had more than a standard vanity mirror over your sink, you might want ...
If you have a slightly too-small bathroom, you probably know all too well what a struggle it can be to keep your space both tidy and usable. When there isn't much storage space to go around, entropy starts to take over and your already cramped bathroom can get really cluttered really fast. If you don't have much floor or wall space to spare for supplemental storage, this can feel like a losing bat...