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Reclaimed wood is a hugely popular material in home design right now. Often that means bold, rustic features like hand scraped hardwood floors and weather-worn barn beams. But for a slightly more subtle take on this trend, consider hanging simple, reclaimed wood shelves. These elegant, minimalist shelves have become especially popular in the bathroom, and offer a way to add storage in a small spac...
I've spent most of my life living in places with bathrooms so small they're practically an afterthought. Now, I love a good long soak in a big, deep whirlpool as much as the next gal, but I know from personal experience that sometimes the most pressing matters in bathroom design don't have anything to do with bubbles. Even with a very well designed,
Bathrooms are becoming more relaxed, casual spaces, and with that trend, bathroom vanities have become a little less formal, too. Open shelf bathroom vanities are an especially popular option, as they offer both a breezy, spa like appearance and more efficient storage. If you're looking to create a luxu...
Getting ready to sell a house is more of an art than a science. Before your house goes on the market, you want to make it look as up to date and desirable as possible, but you also want to be wary of putting too much time and money into improving a space you won't be living in much longer. Trying to figure out where to spend and what projects to skip can be especially difficult, as different featu...
Most bathroom vanity cabinets are just that: cabinets designed more or less the same as kitchen cabinet boxes, with a lot of wide open space and maybe a shelf or two if you're lucky. But when a vanity is all the storage you have in a small bathroom, you want something with a little more organizational savvy. Divid...
There's a world of difference between a bathroom that could stand to be a little bigger and one that's really not big enough - and you know it when you see it. But even the smallest bathrooms can be made usable with the right tools and a little TLC. Now, a lot of small bathrooms feature pedestal or wall mounted sinks in place of bathroom vanities, but I think this is a mistake. While they're lean,...
I've written about very small bathroom vanities before, but I feel like it's a topic worth revisiting. For most bathroom vanities "small" means either 36" or 30" wide, but anyone with a genuinely small bathroom knows tha...
Bathroom remodels can be a big headache from start to finish.  Ripping out tile, redoing plumbing, and totally re-envisioning your space is stressful, messy, time consuming, and almost always expensive. But fortunately there are lots of ways to make the job simpler and more straightforward. One of the best ways to simplify your bathroom remodel is to shop for bathroom vanity sets rather than just ...
Finding a way to make a small bathroom livable is one of the biggest design challenges homeowners will face. Unlike many other rooms, in a small bathroom there isn't a whole lot of room to skimp on furniture or fixtures. To make a small bathroom work, you really need to know exactly where to pare down and how to do it intelligently. You see, one of the most obvious ways to save space is to get a s...
I've become something of an expert in surviving small bathrooms. I've lived in places with bathrooms that range from cozy to outright tight, makeshift to fully remodeled. Let me tell you: in retrospect, it's easy to see that there are a few things that can really make or break a small bathroom when it comes to storage space. And I'm not talking the conventional wisdom and