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The belruse high back bench is a substantial fully assembled bench from. Our popular belruse series. This series boasts a spanish influence with large scaled details and its multi layered finish. Of light and dark sienna and brown tones with subtle natural contrasts resulting from hand rubbing and exposing the rich wood undertones then delicately detailed with hand painted soft scrolls. These benches pair perfectly with the large belruse table. Or can be used stand alone in any appropriate application. The belruse series is part. Of. Our santa lucia collection which consists. Of handmade hand painted, and distressed solid wood furniture making each piece a timeless investment. Hand crafted treasures made. One piece at a time, under. One roof, by. Our exclusive family. Owned manufacturer from lima, peru. Their master artisans are skilled in furniture making techniques influenced by the spanish during the colonization. Of peru. Many items in the diverse collection feature specialty hand painted finishes that have also been passed. On and perfected from generation to generation. The family strives to be environmentally friendly by using woods re-purposed from haciendas and. Old colonial homes as well as wood indigenous to south american forests, primarily mahogany, cedar, moena and requia. If you are a lover. Of beautiful painted furniture, find hill country rustic romantic,. Or find richness in mediterranean lore then you too may fall in furniture love with this fine collection.
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