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To me, there's nothing that signals the beginning of the holiday season quite like the first time my family lights a fire in the fireplace. But these days, all grown up and in an apartment far away from that childhood hearth, the beginning of fall seemed a little extra chilly - in more ways than one. I know a lot of you probably feel the same. If you live in a house without a chimney or a an apart...
Growing up, I remember spending long evenings in the winter camped out around the fireplace at my grandparents house. I'd spend hours curled up by the fire reading, soaking in the heat and just enjoying watching the dancing of flames. But if you don't already have a fireplace, installing one is all but impossible - at least a traditional one. If you love the look of natural fire, but don't happen ...
Mixing and matching furniture and accessories from different styles and time periods used to be somewhat taboo, with unusual mishmashes lumped together under the label "eclectic." These days, though, much of interior design is trending towards transitional design. Blending traditional and contemporary elements is almost a must for getting a look that feels elegant and posh, but not too overwrought...
Midcentury modern interiors are generally characterized by big, open windows and a whole lot of wood. The goal of the style - at least when it comes to the architecture - is to create more organic indoor spaces that integrate natural materials (and even the outdoor landscape) into the home. Over the years, this timeless look has gained a more contemporary twist, with the same wide-open floor plans...
When it comes to designing a truly peerless bathroom, you really have to go all the way.  You see, a designer bath isn't just one thing - not your bathtub, not your shower, not your vanity, but the way all the parts interplay. For a modern style bathroom, this is pretty easy to do - all sleek lines and minim...
It's that time of year again: when everyone is getting ready to whip their outdoor spaces into shape in preparation for summer. But if you've got limited space for your back yard bashes, all this talk of new decks, outdoor kitchens, and landscaping projects is probably lost on you. Even if you only have a small deck, patio, or even balcony, though, you can still entertain guests - you just need to...