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Aston Steam Shower and Tubs

Aston Steam Showers and Tubs

Aston Global is an international company that specializes in designing, engineering, manufacturing and distributing high quality bathroom fixtures. Hailing from a Chinese parent company, Aston now operates out of Plano, Texas, and seeks to create luxury bathroom items at a reasonable price point.

Aston Steam Shower and Tubs

Dream Bathroom on a Budget

Think you'd never see those two phrases together? Aston Global wants to change that, with a variety of bathtubs, steam showers, and shower enclosures designed with the most desirable luxury additions in mind and an eye towards the average homeowner's budget. While many designer bathroom remodels are extensive and expensive, Aston offers myriad functionality in simple, pre-fabricated fixtures, whether it's a steam shower with built in body sprayers, or an easy to install, multi-headed shower panel.

Aston Steam Shower and Tubs

Frameless Showers

In keeping up with the current market, Aston Global offers designer-quality frameless shower enclosures - one of the more desirable finishing touches for an up to date modern bathroom - often for less than some manufacturers charge for a single piece of glass. Made with tempered safety glass set on a fiberglass reinforced bases, Aston's shower enclosures come complete and ready to install, drain hardware, handles, and all. This makes it easy to get a magazine quality bathroom look with minimal construction.

Aston Steam Shower and Tubs

The Healing Power of Steam

Steam baths are steadily gaining popularity in the US, in no small part due to their myriad health benefits. From improved circulation to relief for arthritis, asthma, and even allergies, steam baths are rapidly becoming a must-have - not just for luxury bathrooms, but for your health. But steam baths are often expensive and complicated to install. So Aston Global offers a unique solution - steam shower enclosures that are complete, sealed head to toe and fully equipped with a steam generator as well as shower heads, making it as easy as installing a new shower floor to get the full health benefits of adding a steam bath to your daily health regimen.

Pre-Made "Custom Shower"

As with many desirable bathroom remodels, large showers with many multiple shower heads offer a great way to unwind, but often create an expensive headache through the planning and construction process. Aston's pre-assembled shower panels offer the functionality of a custom shower, with a regular, rainfall, and hand held shower head as well as 2-6 body sprayers. The best part? It installs just as quickly and easily as a standard shower head, no extra construction or invasive plumbing rerouting needed.

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