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Alfi Free Standing Tubs, Kitchen Sinks, Lavatory Sinks, Shower Heads

Alfi Free Standing Tubs, Kitchen Sinks, Lavatory Sinks, Shower Heads

Alfi is a family owned business that specializes in unique bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Though they're a small company, their designs are cutting edge, and many of them - like their wood tubs and farm sinks - can't be found anywhere else.

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Alfi Free Standing Tubs, Kitchen Sinks, Lavatory Sinks, Shower Heads

Bamboo Farm Sinks

One of Alfi's most stunning and unique product lines is their collection of solid bamboo farm style kitchen sinks. These are the perfect mate for a kitchen where you want a dramatic, unusual statement piece (or something to match bamboo floors or cabinets). But though it's made of wood, it's completely waterproof and non-porous, and requires very little maintenance - an excellent, if non-traditional choice for an environmentally friendly kitchen design.

Alfi Free Standing Tubs, Kitchen Sinks, Lavatory Sinks, Shower Heads

Fireclay Farmhouse Sinks

Alfi's fireclay sinks are done in a simple, traditional farmhouse style, with single and double bowl models. Their sinks are made with 100% white clay that's glazed for durability and shine. Perfect for a traditional kitchen that sees a lot of use, these tough sinks will stand the test of time, and even come with matching sink grids to help you get the most out of your sink.

LED Rainfall Showerheads

Alfi offers a unique take on the increasingly popular thermostatic valve by combining chromotherapy LED lights with a temperature indicator. Alfi's solid brass rainfall showerheads automatically illuminate when the flow of water begins, casting a blue light at temperatures below 113 F, a red light between 114 and 121 F, and turns into a flashing red warning lights at temperatures exceeding 122 degrees. The lights are automatically powered by the flow of water (which means the lights get brighter when you up the water pressure!) allowing you to set the mood with the temperature and flow of the water and the intensity of the lights. Better still, these showerheads are designed with long arms with standard threading, so they can easily be installed into your existing shower.

Alfi Free Standing Tubs, Kitchen Sinks, Lavatory Sinks, Shower Heads

Compact Ceramic Sinks

In a time that most people are focused on building huge luxury bathrooms, Alfi offers a complete line of petite ceramic sinks designed to be ideal for small bathrooms and powder rooms. These wall mounted sinks are simple, stylish, and efficient, designed to give you the utility you need while saving as much space as possible.

Solid Wood Soaking Tubs

The absolute most unique items in Alfi's repertoire are their solid wood soaking tubs. Made from cedar or oak reinforced with metal straps, these tubs offer a spectacular natural, rustic style that you won't find anywhere else. Perfect for a cabin design, winter home, or an Asian-inspired or nature-themed bathroom, these tubs bring a soothing touch of nature to your space. Their built-in seats and head-rests provide for added comfort, and the natural variation in the wood makes each one totally unique. Worried about putting water in a wood vessel? Don't be - these tubs are meant to be used, and stay in the best shape when they're used often, as the water helps the wood maintain an ideal moisture content and its peak luster. In fact, if you aren't planning on using it for long periods of time, you actually need to add water to the tub to keep it looking the way it should. And if you're worried about cleaning, don't - all these wood tubs need is a simple wipe-down with hot soapy water to keep them looking good as new.

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