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Tesoro Porcelain Tile

Tesoro Porcelain Tile

Tesoro is a producer of premium porcelain, ceramic, stone, and glass tile. Based in Palm City, Florida, they offer one of the most prestigious tile collections in the industry. If you're looking for some truly spectacular tile - especially if you want an intricate pattern – Tesoro can provide you with some of the finest materials to get the job done.

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tesoro Porcelain Tile

Tile Variety

Tesoro's Florida-based facility has an inventory of over 14 million square feet. As you can imagine, that means they offer a whole lot of variety - in style, material, and even size and shape. In their collection you can find just about any color or quality tile you're looking for, and each type of tile comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, making it supremely easy to shape your own mosaic floor, or even just accommodate strangely shaped spaces or corners.

tesoro Porcelain Tile

Easy Mosaic

While the true art of mosaic involves careful laying and planning of each and every tile, Tesoro offers a more modern alternative to creating beautiful displays of tiny tiles. Their smallest tiles, rather than being available individually, can be purchased in one foot square sheets of patterned tile that can be applied and installed directly to a wall as an accent or backsplash. This takes a lot of the effort out of mosaic-making without losing any of the subtly varied beauty, turning sophisticated stone and ceramic tile walls into a DIY weekend project.

tesoro Porcelain Tile

Natural Stone And Porcelain Lookalikes

Tesoro's tiles are some of the best in the business, from very basic to the most premium level stone tile. Offering real, chiseled, brushed, and hand-honed travertine and cream marfil, Tesoro has some of the most desirable materials in high end design. But they also have more entry level styles, especially porcelain or ceramic renditions of styles meant to echo their natural stone counterparts. So even if you don't think you can afford a natural stone floor, Tesoro makes it easy to find a middle ground, with affordable, durable materials that mimic natural stone at a much lower cost.

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