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Vent a Hood Range Hoods

Vent A Hood Kitchen Range Hoods

Founded in 1937, Vent A Hood was the first manufacturer of home cooking ventilation and range hoods, and is still family owned and at the forefront of the industry today. With a patented fan and innovative design, Vent A Hood's range hoods are unique in the market, and are quieter, cleaner, and more effective than most other brands available today.

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Vent A Hood Kitchen Range Hoods

"Magic Lung" Blower System

The main difference between Vent A Hood range hoods and the competition is that instead of a standard fan, their range hood use a special centrifugal blower dubbed the "Magic Lung" which spins collected cooking air, removing grease and other contaminants before venting the air, keeping the inside of your range grease-free and making it significantly easier to clean.

Vent A Hood Kitchen Range Hoods

Whisper Quiet Fan

Rather than using a single fan with multiple settings, like most range hoods, Vent A Hood range hoods use multiple fans with a single setting, placing each fan strategically over a specific area of your range, allowing it to collect only the hot air that rises naturally from your stove – rather than the surrounding conditioned air. The most important difference here, though, is that no matter how many of the fans you need to turn on to get the job done, it will never make more sound than one fan. The best part? That one fan operates more quietly than your average fan does on its lowest setting, so you'll never have to worry about the irritating noise, or having to talk over the fan again.

No Messy Grates Or Filters To Clean

Most range hoods are covered all across the bottom with mesh-covered filters or grates. But once these filters become clogged with grease, they're not only hard to clean, but allow grease to permeate your entire kitchen ventilation system. Vent A Hood Range hoods don't have any filters across the bottom, instead opting for a large, open canopy that catches rising cooking air and funnels it up into their special filtering fan, so the only part you have to clean is a simple removable, rinsable drip pan that's smaller than a cookie sheet.

Vent A Hood Kitchen Range Hoods

Flexible Installation And Design

Vent A Hood offers range hoods for a wide variety of applications – wall mounted, undercabinet, island style, and even duct free range hoods, so no matter what the layout of your kitchen, they're able to accommodate your specific needs. Vent A Hood is also constantly working with designers to improve the look of their range hoods as well as their functionality, and offer a wide variety of styles, from traditional molded copper hoods to simple, sleek modern designs.

Duct Free Range Hoods That Work

Typical duct free range hoods do little more than make noise and collect dust and grease. Because they have thin filters – or none at all – typical range hoods simply aren't equipped to recirculate your cooking air. Vent A Hood duct free range hoods – which go by the acronym ARS for air recovery system – use their patented magic lung centrifugal blower to remove grease, and then treat the remaining steam to a thick, activated charcoal bed to remove odors, and then a huge accordion style filter to remove smoke, so that the air that gets pumped back out into your kitchen is completely clean.

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