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Dining Room Tables

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For a long time now, the design world has been putting a lot of focus on the kitchen - specifically, large kitchens and kitchen islands. But after a few years of neglect, formal dining areas are starting to get a little love again. Many old fashioned designs are coming back in vogue, and cross back dining chairs are at the front of the pack. These simple, slightly rustic chairs are perfect for add...
Wood has long been the go-to material for dining room chairs, but it certainly isn't the only option. Metal dining chairs are a unique and distinctive alternative, and have started to become popular not only in modern spaces, but also in very traditional ones, too. These sleek, gunmetal finished steel and aluminum chairs have an elegant contemporary feel, but are subtle enough in terms of design t...
Yesterday I talked a bit about accent walls and where in your home they can best work to your design advantage. But what I didn't mention is that some of the hottest wall color trends have almost nothing to do with color, an...
What do you think of when you hear the word 'dining room?' An unexplored, shadowy place you only air out for Thanksgiving? The good china you only dust off for company? There is just something about dark wood and stylized, throne-like chairs that can make a dining room awkward to use. Luckily, trends have developed and formal no longer has to mean austere or vintage. Investing in a contem...