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Herbeau Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks, Faucets, Vanities and more

Herbeau Luxury Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks, Faucets, Vanities and more

Founded in 1857, Herbeau has become synonymous with artisan craftsmanship and custom quality. Family owned for more than 150 years, Herbeau represents five generations worth of innovation, design, and dedication to tradition. Herbeau is not merely a company that's withstood the test of time, but one that helped define bathroom and kitchen design starting when indoor plumbing was first popularized in France. Their pieces are not merely historically inspired, but deeply rooted in their family and French provincial heritage and traditions for truly authentic historical quality pieces.

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Herbeau Lavatory Faucet 2231 Pompadour

Herbeau Couture

Herbeau has expanded significantly since opening their first showroom in the 1850s, but their claim to be "couture" is more than just nominal. Even though they´re available on a global scale, each and every one of Herbeau´s products is hand crafted by skilled artisans. Their sinks, tubs, and faucets are all made in small batches using traditional methods, and each and every piece is made to the highest functional and artistic quality. From copper faucets that are hand welded, plated, and assembled to sinks and tubs individually hand shaped, fired, and painted by skilled artisans, the human touch is involved in every stage of creation of every piece they offer.

Herbeau Wall Mounted Lavatory Sink 0102 Neptune Hand Basin

Real Historical Designs

While many kitchen and bathroom fixtures on the market today may be inspired by historical designs, Herbeau has been in business long enough that their products are the real things. Many of their clawfoot and slipper tubs are true to Louis Herbeau´s original collection, and each of the five generations of Herbeau fathers and sons have left their own designer marks throughout the various collections. If you´re looking for provincial French design, Herbeau has products that will not only fit the style, but that were developed within the historical context that modern kitchens and bathrooms seek to imitate. In fact, many of their products - especially their wall mounted vessel sinks and powder room accessories can be customized with historical provincial designs that are hand painted, signed, and fired by Herbeau´s master artisans.

Herbeau Kitchen Farmhousse Sink - Fireclay 4603

Herbeau Kitchen Couture

Herbeau´s collection of provincial French country cottage faucets and sinks celebrates the rustic, timeless beauty of the French countryside. Their faucets are all hand-crafted, with porcelain or wood lever and cross-style handles, and spouts in a variety of elegantly curved historical designs. Their fireclay and copper apron sinks, as well, are hand made with traditional processes for a design that´s both rustic and durable - the perfect pair for a farmhouse style kitchen.

Herbeau Tub Spout 2247 Pompadour Collection

Herbeau Bathroom Couture

Like their kitchen collection, Herbeau´s bathroom line stands true to tradition. From classic cross-handle one and two spout lavatory faucets to vintage porcelain sinks, toilets, and a full line of powder-room style accessories, the entire collection is full of dainty antique charm. Especially their hand-painted provincial designs add a delicate floral touch that´s rooted deeply in historical beauty. Their clawfoot tubs, too, are authentically elegant and timelessly beautiful - perfect for a luxurious, sophisticated antique style bathroom.

Herbeau Cast Iron Clawfoot Tub 0705 from Josephine Collection

Unique Designer Items

Not all of Herbeau´s items are traditional – historical, yes, but many of them are anything but ordinary. From their extensive collection of gargoyle-style tub spouts and clawfoot tub fillers to their automobile gear-change-lever-inspired De Dion kitchen faucet collection, Herbeau offers utterly unique items you won´t find anywhere else. That´s not even counting their exclusive cubist-inspired console sinks designed by French sculptor Abel. Their stunning Medicis hand-hammered copper bathtub is another noteworthy entry, not the least because it requires hundreds of hours for Herbeau´s artisans to create. The one piece you really won´t be able to duplicate, though, is the Dagobert toilet – an elaborate medieval style "throne" that plays the french nursery song "Le Bon Roi Herbeau Dagobert Throne Toilet 5501 - Solid WoodDragobert" when the lid is raised, and rings a bell with every flush made via the pull chain - the ultimate unique conversation piece, and a toilet that will make you feel like royalty every time you do your business.

The Herbeau Promise

Though Herbeau is much more than just a family company these days, they take each and every one of their products seriously. They consider each sale as a personal invitation into the homes of their buyers, and work hard to forge a personal connection through the quality, beauty, and durability of every item they sell. In five generations, Herbeau has learned the value of history and heritage, and are dedicated to sharing their passion with consumers through their craftsmanship and artistry. As they´re fond of saying, they consider each of their products to be functional art, destined to beautify homes around the world.

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