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Cavaliere is a division of Atlas USA that specializes in range hoods for the modern kitchen. With a variety of high-tech features and flexible designs, Cavaliere is an excellent, versatile choice for your next kitchen remodel.

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Cavaliere Range Hoods

Transitional Designs

Cavaliere's range hoods are made of heavy duty 19 gauge brushed stainless steel. This provides not only an incredibly durable and easy to clean range hood, but is also a perfect pair for a modern, culinary quality kitchen. The range hoods themselves are simple but elegant, with a variety of stylish geometric designs that can be used anywhere in your kitchen.

Cavaliere Range Hoods

Versatility of Design

Cavaliere's collection of range hoods is specifically designed to be versatile. First and foremost, they offer an even mix of wall mounted, under the cabinet, and island mounted range hoods, so no matter what your installation needs, they have a range hood to meet it. As well, each of their designs comes in multiple widths, from 30 inches up to 42 inches, to further accommodate your individual kitchen's needs without sacrificing your personal sense of style. Cavaliere's wall and island mounted range hoods have telescoping decorative chimneys, so you can hide your ventilation ducts no matter how high your ceiling, and if you're unable to vent outside, you can even purchase an optional recirculation kit to make any of their range hoods ductless.

Cavaliere Range Hoods

High Tech Modern Interface

But Cavaliere's range hoods don't just look modern, they also come with a whole set of high tech options that streamline your interface and make it easy to use. These range hoods come standard with a touch-sensitive control panel with an LED display that can be controlled either up close or with an included credit-card sized remote control. Many models have automatic delayed shutoff, and some come with built-in heat sensitive controls that allow the range hood to power up and down on its own as needed. Better still, nearly all of Cavaliere's range hoods will alert you after 30 hours of use that their dishwasher-safe filters need to be cleaned.

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