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Nuevo is an up and coming North American furniture company with an eye for modern design. Offering furnishings for almost every room in the home, from bedroom sets to occasionals, Nuevo has a unique aesthetic, focusing not merely on fashion forward modern pieces, but integrating a retro design, reproducing modern classics, and even showcasing reclaimed materials. The result is furniture and lighting fixtures with a little more variety and a little more personality than your average modern pieces.

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Nuevo Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

Reclaimed Wood, Recycled Cast Iron Furniture

Many of Nuevo's furnishings integrate reclaimed materials, from cast iron supports to reclaimed hardwood pieces. This creates a gorgeous, slightly rustic, natural aesthetic that you won't find in most modern design. It creates a warm, rugged look with not only a beautiful, often knotty wood grain, but also one-of-a-kind natural aging that makes each piece unique. If you want to add a little personality to your modern decor, this is a great way to do it, and a style that works especially well in a reclaimed space, like a converted loft or old building.

Nuevo Louis Bar Stool

Modern Classics

Nuevo takes inspiration from throughout furniture history, not just the cutting edge of the market. That means that you'll find not only your typical squared, geometric pieces, but also updates on older styles, from groovy 60s ball chairs to simplified chaises to Louis XIV-inspired bar stools. This simple pinch of vintage makes for a much larger and more varied selection than you'd find in most modern furniture collections, making it easy to find something in exactly the style that suits you.

Furniture For Every Room

With a wide variety of both types of furniture and furniture styles, Nuevo boasts a huge selection of modern furnishings. From dining sets to media centers, patio furniture to beds to a massive catalog of chairs, stools, and tables for almost any setting, if you could use it to furnish your home, Nuevo probably has it – along with a few pieces of home decor to boot. And while everything they sell is pretty solidly in the realm of modern design, there's easily enough variety to get a look you'll love.

Nuevo Modern Lighting Pendant

Unique Modern Lighting

While most purveyors of modern furniture only offer furniture, Nuevo also has a wide selection of lighting, from pendants and chandeliers to table lamps and floor lamps. This is also where their modern aesthetic truly shines, with fixtures that are delightfully unusual. From bouquets of odd shaped bulbs suspended on hair-thin wires to tongue-in-cheek re-imaginings of traditional chandeliers and futuristic, telescoping reading lights, their collection is utterly unique. If you're looking for a show stopping modern accent piece, Nuevo's lighting collection is worth a look, even if you aren't in the market for new furniture.

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