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Legion Furniture Bathroom Vanities

Legion Furniture - Beautiful Bathroom Vanities and Accent Chairs

Legion Furniture is one of the highest volume producers of fine bathroom furnishings and accent furniture in the world. With hundreds of unique, designer styles across all their lines, Legion´s offerings range from comfortable and contemporary to sophisticated, elaborate period replicas, all crafted with an eye towards timeless elegance. All of their vanities are made with the finest materials and the best modern techniques, and they adhere across the board to the highest quality standards for both functionality and beauty.

Legion WM6584-58-BB 58 inch Bathroom Vanity Solid Wood

Legion Furniture Style

Dedicated to creating furnishings that will last a lifetime, all of Legion Furniture´s pieces combine vintage and modern elements to create a timeless look and feel. When it comes to bathroom vanities, their selection runs the gamut from very modern to authentic antique style, but the bulk of their (rather impressive) selection lies somewhere in the middle, with finely detailed carvings and beautiful, lustrous wood finishes, but also simple, contemporary lines and a highly usable modern construction. Each piece is made of solid wood with real, often exotic wood veneers for a high quality, durable construction that feels solid as well as looking beautiful. Legion makes it easy to get exactly the look you want, with designer-paired integrated countertops and a whole line of beautiful hand-painted glass vessel sinks and unique custom faucets to further enhance their opulent bathroom decor. And with bathroom vanities that range in length from 24 to upwards of 72 inches, no matter what size your space you should be able to find a vanity in their collection to suit your needs.

Legion W5307 48 inch Bathroom Vanity

Though the bulk of Legion´s offerings are bathroom sets - vanities, mostly, with matching mirrors and storage pieces as well as sinks and faucets – they also offer a wide selection of accent chairs. These are authentic period replicas ranging from Louis XV to Empire, made with solid hardwood and true-to-original tapestry style upholstery. These make fabulous, dramatic statement pieces in just about any room... even your bath!

Sophisticated Machine Finishing

Legion Furniture uses cutting edge machinery to produce a high volume of bathroom vanities and other furnishings without sacrificing quality. While many of their pieces are hand finished, their sophisticated technology allows many of the highly detailed period styles to be machine tooled. The process creates furniture with the same level of quality as hand crafted equivalents - no woodworking detail is sacrificed. This enables them to produce more furniture at a lower cost, which in turn makes these gorgeous heirloom style pieces much more affordable.

Legion WT9119 63 inch Bathroom Vanity

Streamlined Production

Legion boasts one of the best turnaround times of any manufacturer of luxury furnishings. Their innovative use of technology and the resulting high volume of furniture they´re able to produce means that they always have stock on hand for about 90% of their designs, ready to be shipped to consumers. More importantly, their close ties with their manufacturing facility spell rapid delivery times even for items that have to be imported. Typically all orders can be fulfilled in three weeks or less.

The Legion Promise

Legion Furniture is dedicated to the health and welfare of their employees and the environment. Though their main manufacturing facility is located in Canton, China, Legion is an ISO (International Organization For Standardization) dedicated to adhering to good environmental practices and ensuring sustainable development as well as a safe and healthy work environment for all employees. All 3,000 employees of their manufacturing facility are highly trained craftsmen and women that receive benefits, overtime pay, and retirement packages, and the presence of the facility has greatly aided in the development of the region. Legion is proud to be spreading their innovative furniture making practices to the global market, and to always ensure the highest quality product.

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