GSI Ceramic Lavatory Sinks, Toilets, Bidets
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GSI Lavatory Sinks, Toilets, Bidets

GSI Ceramic Lavatory Sinks, Toilets, Bidets

GSI Ceramica has been in the business of making ceramic bathroom fixtures since the 1930s, blending traditional Italian craftsmanship with modern technology and design. Primarily an Italian company, their products have recently become available internationally, and are quickly making an impact on the bathroom design world.

GSI Ceramic Lavatory Sinks, Toilets, Bidets

Made In Italy

GSI's Italian heritage is a point of company pride. They bear the mark Made In Italy with honor and make it true through and through. All of GSI's products are designed, modeled, tested, manufactured and distributed in Italy and by Italian designers and craftsmen. The result is a uniquely stylish, modern Italian aesthetic and stringently upheld quality standards - in other words, a finished product that's both beautiful and incredibly well made.

GSI Ceramic Lavatory Sinks, Toilets, Bidets

Comprehensive Product Creation

Part of what makes GSI's products so unique - and part of their emphasis on being made in Italy - is that all levels of their production are done in a single facility. Digital design and prototyping, casting, glazing, kiln firing, quality assurance, packaging and distribution are all handled from their 70,000 square meter facility. That means that everything is handled locally, efficiently, and with a constant steady eye on quality.

GSI Ceramic Lavatory Sinks, Toilets, Bidets

Award Winning Design

GSI has received critical praise for their design aesthetic and product quality throughout Italy. In fact, their products can be found in some of the finest hotels the world has to offer - from the Tiara Chateau Mont Royale in Paris to the Palm Island in Dubai. They've also begun receiving attention in the US as well, most notably being nominated for the International GOOD DESIGN award for their washbasin design in a competition of thousands of manufacturers from 48 countries.

Efficient, Easy To Clean Toilets

GSI seeks not only to meet but to exceed water consumption standards. In fact, their toilets use only 4.5 liters of water per flush (just under 1.2 gallons - significantly lower than the US requirements), which can dramatically reduce your annual water consumption. As well, many toilets are required to have glazing on certain surfaces, but GSI glazes their entire toilets, inside and out, even parts you can't ordinarily see. This eliminates porous ceramic surfaces and makes their toilets both more sanitary and much easier to clean.

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