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James Martin ideas and shopping tips

Solid wood bathroom vanities are becoming much rarer these days. There are a number of reasons for this, but ultimately most of them boil down to cost. Solid wood vanities are more expensive than ones made of compressed particle board or MDF, which are becoming exponentially more popular in furniture of all types. For bathroom vanities, it's also a question of striking the right balance between showcasing the wood and protecting it from moisture damage. Many vanities that do put a wood finish front and center of the design use patterned exotic wood veneers to creat...

James Martin Furniture is one of the hottest bathroom vanity brands out there, and one reason is that they work hard to respond to customer feedback, and are always looking for new ways to improve their product and their services. In fact, right now the company is undergoing some major changes to improve the quality, diversity, availability, and delivery of their most popular product lines. Many of these changes are already in the works while others are still being rolled out, but if you're planning on buying a James Martin bathroom vanity, we've got the information you need about these upcoming updates.

New Factory

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Finding the perfect bathroom vanity isn't easy. There are a lot of options out there, and it can be difficult to find a vanity that looks great, offers the functionality you need, is on trend, and meshes with your overall decor. The good news is, there are bathroom vanity collections out there that are designed specifically work well in almost any bathroom setting. The Brookfield collection from James Martin Furniture, for example, has an elegant transitional style, comes in a huge range of sizes and finishes, and includes a variety of convenient add-ons that make it easy to furnish a whole bathroom at once. [caption id="attachment_11588" align="aligncenter" width="390"]Madison collection from James Martin Furniture strikes a perfect balance between form and function, with a design that's ideally suited for a master bathroom. [caption id="attachment_12334" align="aligncenter" width="405"]master bathroom. You want to have plenty of separate space for each partner, both to make the bathroom more usable and to help keep the peace. But your bathroom vanity will also be the visual focal point of the bathroom. That means means size and storage shouldn't be the only considerations. James Martin has done both, sprucing up some of their most popular vanities with finishes in a few of this season's trendiest colors, and adding an entirely new collection that's perfectly in line with the increasingly popular casual-but-elegant transitional style. [caption id="attachment_13499...
Wood is a natural material that is subject to changes in moisture and temperature. In other words, it moves and changes ever so slightly when exposed to humidity, heat or cold. Properly sealed and maintained wood and stone tops and bathroom cabinets are durable, beautiful and easy to use, but it is important to carefully follow the installation and care and maintenance instructions for your specific type of finish. If you follow these directions carefully your vanity will be easy to maintain, will look great, and will last for many years. Your vanity, wooden backsplash and both wooden or stone tops have all been finished with a water resistant finish. [caption id="attachment_13830" align="aligncenter" width="590"]bathroom vanity. As one of the leading names in bathroom decor, James Martin has a wide variety of pieces to choose from. Their vanities are some of the most high-quality and popular out there. Consider the Size [caption id="attachment_14046" al...
It's easy to dream about your next bathroom remodel. From design blogs and decorating shows to product catalogs and Pinterest, chances are if you're thinking about starting a major renovation project, you probably already have a look in mind. But especially when you're shopping online, it can be a little difficult to visualize how something is going to look once it's actually in your space. So today we have something a little different: two finished, real-life bathrooms submitted to us by one of our very own customers, built using our James Martin vanities, and photographed twice - once professionally, and once by the homeowner. [caption id="attachment_15935" align="aligncenter" width="500"]James Martin are giving you more say in the matter, letting you decide which of a variety of different pre-cut vanity tops to pair with each of their vanity collections.


James Martin Furniture is one of the most popular bathroom manufacturers on the market, in part due to their commitment to evolving - to expanding and re-imagining their product lines and staying at the cutting edge of the latest design trends. Their first update of 2016 is a major one, too, with the introduction of three entirely new vanity collections: Chicago, Vancouver, and Metropolitan. The styles range from sleek and modern to elegant and transitional, and are available in a wide variety of sizes and finishes that make them easy to tailor to just about any bathroom.


[caption id="attachment_13724" align="aligncenter" width="442"]James Martin's new vanities yourself!).

Smarter Storage Across The Board

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Every year around this time, James Martin Furniture releases their new spring catalog - and does a little spring cleaning to their existing one. Many manufacturers debut new products at the start of the year, but James Martin goes one step further, expanding and refining their most popular designs and tweaking their collections to fit shifting trends and customer demands. So, today I'd like to do a quick breakdown both of James Martin's new offerings and the changes you can expect to see throughout their collection.

Brand New Collections

The biggest changes you'll see in James Martin's new 2018 catalog is the addition of seven entirely new collections. Unlike last year, when many of ...
It's that time again: when this year's trend predictions start coming to life as designers and decor manufacturers roll out their new looks for spring and summer. James Martin Furniture is no exception, with the hefty addition of nearly a dozen completely new collections, as well as a few updates to existing favorites. This year, the focus is largely on bringing a more contemporary feel back to the catalog, with a variety of new, streamlined vanities. These new collections seek to fill the gap left after the company changed manufacturers in 2014 and retired many of their more modern vanities. So if you've been looking for a bathroom vanity that's sleek and simple but made of high quality, dura...

Time has been a little wonky in 2020. So it hardly seemed strange that - instead of releasing their new catalog in spring as usual - James Martin Furniture announced their latest updates as a summer the beginning of fall. Strangeness of timing aside, their new and updated vanity collections are well worth the wait. From entirely new vanity styles to a few updates, improvements, and expansions to existing favorites, James Martin's latest release has a little something for everyone.

The Addison Collection

New product lines typically get rolled out towards the start of the year. But 2021 has been anything but typical. This year, James Martin's big annual update has come as a new fall collection rather than a spring one. But with five entirely new collections and a whole host of updates to their most popular designs? These changes have been well worth the wait.