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Afd Outlaw On Marble Base B-W-28690M


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Brand: AFD
Series: BRONZE
Color: Bronze
Size: 28W X 15D X 34H
MPN: B-W-28690M
Width: 28
Length: 15
Height: 34
Material: Bronze

Quantity:  Total: 
At 34" tall this is a very dramatic sculpture a lost wax, cast bronze, recreation. Of the famous. Original sculpture ". Outlaw " after the. Original by frederic remington, . One. Of the most prolific american artsts. Of all time. The. Original. Outlaw by frederic remington was cast in 1906. This piece has great movement and detail. Remingtonϒs 14th sculpture is a remarkable composition because the horse is balancing. On. One front leg which presented a challenge to cast in a bronze. Remington worked closely with riccardo bertelli, the head. Of the roman bronze works foundry. On this model and sent a christmas card with a sketch. Of this model and asked "can you cast him?" to which bertelli replied "do you think i am. One. Of the wright brothers?" the foundry was able to use their lost wax casting technique to cast this complicated work, in which the horse and rider are balanced. On. One front hoof in suspended animation. The bucking horse's rump is straight up in the air and the cowboy leans back, balancing himself in the saddle as he keeps his seat. The. Outlaw was known as the real companion to the bronco buster. It is the teeter to the bronco busterϒs totter, what comes up in. One comes down in the. Other. Giant jolts. Of endless energy were what this cowboy was feeling as the horse would rear up putting full force. On all fronts. The. Outlawϒs rider seems to bestow a great amount. Of fluidity and control. This cowboy was a first class bronco-buster. Or flash rider. These riders would receive high wages, wages that were well deserved, because this was. One. Of the most dangerous jobs there were and no man could ever hope to grow. Old.

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