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Bathroom Vanities by Cole and Co

Cole+Co Luxury Bathroom Vanities

If you're looking for a bathroom vanity that's unique, antique, and made to the highest furniture quality, Cole+Co is the brand for you. Specializing in authentic, antique-inspired bathroom vanities, Cole+Co's designs are sophisticated, luxurious, and stylish - the perfect way to add a truly designer touch to your bathroom. Better still, Cole+Co's bathroom vanities and mirrors are made with only the highest quality hardwood and are painstakingly hand finished, for a look that's not only beautiful but functional, and will stand up to the test of time.

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Cole + Co Bathroom Vanities

Quality Materials, Quality Construction

Cole+Co's bathroom vanities and mirrors are quality to the core. Made of only the finest select hardwoods, they have a sturdy, solid wood construction throughout, accented by select exotic wood veneers for a uniquely beautiful, furniture quality finish. These materials are constructed solidly, with smooth glide, full-extension drawers, an extremely solid framing, dovetail jointing, and self-centering panels to prevent cracking or warping over time. And the quality isn't just in the vanity itself - their counter tops are made of the finest select granite, and their sinks are made of either porcelain or hand-pounded copper or brass for a complete, furniture-quality package.

Cole + Co Bathroom Vanities

Gorgeous Hand Finished Designs

Each and every one of Cole+Co's bathroom vanities and mirrors are hand finished, with many undergoing as much as a 30 step finishing process, all done entirely by hand. All of their pieces are finished with true-to-period hand painting and distressing for the most authentic antique look and feel possible. From there, each vanity is stained, primed, sealed, and/or painted, again entirely by hand, and sealed and varnished to enhance water resistance and preserve the stain or painted finish or accents. Because each piece bears the mark of the individual artisan who creates it, no two will be exactly alike, for a truly unique, designer bathroom vanity.

Unique Accents

Cole+Co's bathroom vanities range from authentic antiques to stunning modern designs, but many of them share a unique choice of accent materials. From antique mirrors to studded leather, Cole+Co goes above and beyond the expected to create totally unique, visually stunning bathroom vanities that will add a designer touch to your bathroom. Even more common materials (like burled veneers or paint) are used in unique and eye-catching ways to add a sense of modern style even to their most authentic antique pieces.

Cole + Co Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom In A Box

While many bathroom designers offer out-of-the-box, pre-packaged vanity sets, Cole+Co does one better. All of their vanities can easily be paired with their mated mirrors and a selection of custom-matched granite counter tops and porcelain or copper sinks. This not only makes it easier to find a stone counter to match your vanity, but also makes it much less expensive to get a high quality stone piece that's pre-drilled to boot. Their "Bathroom In A Box" collection even includes entire bathroom sets - bathroom vanities, matching mirrors, counters, sinks, and faucets, all ready to install upon arrival, which makes it possible to get a high quality designer look without having to do a lot of legwork.

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