Get the Look: Using Shades of Blue To Build A Beach Style Bathroom

Desire a change from an everyday bathroom? Here are some suggestions to turn a bland, no-fun bathroom to a trendy beach style one! Depending on how much you want to commit to this trendy look, you can add just a couple pieces or completely redecorate your space. I love adding color and basing each room on a specific one. What better space to make green or blue than a bathroom? Being smaller than the rest of the house means it’s also less of a commitment if you’re not in love with the color but still want the look.

Bathroom Accessory Set, SO100-11 by Gedy

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Start with the simple fixtures; adding a blue towel rack, soap dish, toothbrush holder, or other bathroom accessory gives the room a bright color. This is very important if your bathroom lacks a window or strong lighting. A dim bathroom can easily become a soothing ocean when swathed in blues and greens, so this style is a huge benefit to what is normally seen as a flaw. It’s also a good first step to see if this trend is right for you. A good way to eyeball if beach style will bring out the best in your bathroom is by wallpaper choice. The blue and sea foam green hues work best when standing out from beiges, grays, whites, and other neutral hues. A patterned wallpaper is not a problem so long as it isn’t a loud color itself.

Crackle Blue Table Lamp, 26149 by Uttermost

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If you do lack a window and want to show off the brightness of sea foam rather than have it come off as a duller gray, consider adding a lamp or other light fixture to your bathroom. Finding one that matches the colors you pick is easier than ever thanks to the beach style look’s current trending status. You can also put one in your hallway to subtly cue your guests in to the blues and greens before they even open the bathroom door!

Adding a single wall of tile really cements the beach style look. (by Studio One-Off Architecture & Design)

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After testing the waters, go ahead and match your shower curtain and bath mat to the blues and add a clear vase full of sea shells. I wouldn’t say repaint your entire space to jump into this trend, partially because having neutral colors is what makes the blue, green, sea foam, and all that stand out and shine the best anyway! But if you feel up to the challenge, consider tiling one wall blue and adding wooden fixtures that remind guests of beach chairs. It is the harmonious color scheme of the beach that the beach style gets its name from.

A vase can do wonders for bringing out the existing blue shades in a room. (by Kristina Crestin Design)
A vase can do wonders for bringing out the existing blue shades in a room. (by Kristina Crestin Design)

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The cool color scheme gives a normally plain white and gray room a real personality. Bathrooms aren’t usually memorable, but yours can be much more with a little thought and care. It’s an easy way out to decorate with just white, but why settle? Plus, it also allows for a relaxing evening in a hot bubble bath, where you’ll find the colors comforting and familiar as part of your home.

Contemporary Single Vanity, SB-250-6DSFGCM by Bosconi
Contemporary Single Vanity, SB-250-6DSFGCM by Bosconi

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Do you have some extra space in your bathroom? Add a blue or sea foam green vanity or cabinet to keep your towels and other bathroom essentials in and complement your bathroom set in one simple move. It’s also a great way to stay organized if you have multiple people using the same bathroom in the morning. Adding a matching mirror can emphasize the color of both pieces, as seen in the above image.

Castle Buffet Table, 712054 by Guild Master

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If your beach style bathroom is more long than wide, there are narrow buffet tables that come in blue just for you, adding counter space without taking up too much room. They are also a unique kind of furniture that really stands out among its vanity and cabinet peers. Pair these pieces with neutral color towels like beige or gray to make your turquoise pop out and your sea foam green shine! This can also be done through swapping that blue vanity out for a gray one for a more subdued look. This is a safe choice if you want the beach style look, but don’t want to plunge into a full-color space or regularly redecorate.

No matter what you choose to do for your bathroom, you’re guaranteed to have a beach style unique to your space and that is the envy of all your guests who use it. Get ready to hear, “I didn’t know a bathroom could look so good!