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Waterfree Urinals from the Waterless Company

Waterless Company is a family owned business and a pioneer in waterless urinal technology. They’ve been making no-flush urinals since 1991, offering a hygienic, eco-friendly alternative to traditional urinals for commercial and residential use.

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What Is A Waterless Urinal?

Waterless urinals are what they sound like - urinals that are self-draining and that don't need to be flushed. The secret is in the drain - Waterless urinals use a specially designed drain filter called the Ecotrap that traps naturally occurring urine sediment and guides urine down the drain. This trap is filled with BlueSeal liquid - a biodegradable mixture of mineral oils and alcohol. This liquid is lighter than water and urine, and allows liquid to pass down through it but not to come back up, trapping urine, sewage gasses, and all odors inside the plumbing - no flush needed.

Waterless Superiority

While some might initially balk at the idea of using a urinal without a flush mechanism, waterless urinals are actually much cleaner and more sanitary than traditional ones. The ammonia smell that urinals are infamous for only occurs when water and urine mix. Urine is naturally bacteria free and typically has a neutral pH, but the introduction of water creates bad odors, limestone buildup, and promotes the growth of bacteria. As well, flush urinals can propel bacteria that grows on the moist surface of the urinal into the air, contaminating it. Water-free urinals are much, much cleaner, resistant to bacterial growth, and odor-free.

Simple Cleaning

Waterless Co. urinals have been in use the longest, and in fact were sold without competition for nearly a decade before other companies began to investigate the technology. And they can still boast the simplest mechanism and least expensive replacement parts. Their Ecotraps can be refilled without being cleaned - usually once every few months in a residential setting - and only need to be replaced about once a year. Both are done with special tools, which means no hands-on cleaning, and fewer replacement parts and products than the competition.

Huge Water Savings

Most importantly, swapping out a traditional urinal for a waterless one - or even installing a waterless urinal in a residential setting - can result in immense water savings. 20% of drinking water is used to flush toilets - usually in the neighborhood of two gallons per flush - and just using a single waterless urinal can save thousands - or even tens of thousands of gallons of water per year. In a commercial setting, 22 waterless urinals can save up to a million gallons of water a year. Not only is this good for the environment - and for our future potable water supplies - but it can also make a noticeable difference in your home or company's monthly water bill. Making the change is even eligible for rebates and tax breaks in many areas to help streamline this smart transition.

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