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30SolidMaplenbspVanityCabinetfromthenbspParkdaleCollectionTheParkdaleCollectionfromSagehillDesignsisaseriesoffinebathfurnishingsperfectforyourlifeandtimesThisexcitingnewcollectioncombinestraditionalAm ...
Brand:   Sagehill Series: Parkdale Collection
Our Price: $921.43
Parsonsnbsp24VanityCabinetwithOpenDisplayShelfnbspLessisMorenbspInthesmallerbathenvironmentstyleandfunctionrarelygohandinhandbuttheydowiththeParsonsCollectionfromSagehillDesignsnbspSc ...
Brand:   Sagehill Series: Parsons Collection
Our Price: $496.51
30SolidnbspOaknbspVanityCabinetfromthenbspPortafinoCollectionSagehillDesignsPortafinoCollectiontakesthebestofmoderndesignprinciplesbutaddsacasualnessthatallowsthecabinetstocomplementtodaysmorecasual ...
Brand:   Sagehill Series: Portafino Collection
Our Price: $857.78
36SolidnbspOaknbspVanityCabinetfromthenbspPortafinoCollectionSagehillDesignsPortafinoCollectiontakesthebestofmoderndesignprinciplesbutaddsacasualnessthatallowsthecabinetstocomplementtodaysmorecasual ...
Brand:   Sagehill Series: Portafino Collection
Our Price: $955.55
30VanityCabinetwith2DoorsfromtheRegencyPlaceCollectionTheRegencyPlacevanitycollectiondrawsitsdesignfromEnglishantiquesbuthasbeenupdatedwithanagedlinencoloredfinishDesignedtofitseamlesslyintotodaysre ...
Brand:   Sagehill Series: Regency Place Collection
Our Price: $1,185.72
36VanityCabinetwith2Drawersand2DoorsfromtheRegencyPlaceCollectionTheRegencyPlacevanitycollectiondrawsitsdesignfromEnglishantiquesbuthasbeenupdatedwithanagedlinencoloredfinishDesignedtofitseamlesslyi ...
Brand:   Sagehill Series: Regency Place Collection
Our Price: $1,369.12
48VanityCabinetwith2Doorsand4DrawersfromtheRegencyPlaceCollectionTheRegencyPlacevanitycollectiondrawsitsdesignfromEnglishantiquesbuthasbeenupdatedwithanagedlinencoloredfinishDesignedtofitseamlesslyi ...
Brand:   Sagehill Series: Regency Place Collection
Our Price: $1,754.61
sagehilldesignsRichview24WallMountWoodVanityCabinetOnlywithTwoDrawersMPNRW2421DCategoryBathroomBathroomVanitiesandFurnitureBathroomVanitiesUPCBrandsagehillColorFinish ...
Brand:   Sagehill Series: Richview Collection
Our Price: $936.51
sagehilldesignsRichview30WallMountWoodVanityCabinetOnlywithTwoDrawersMPNRW3021DCategoryBathroomBathroomVanitiesandFurnitureBathroomVanitiesUPCBrandsagehillColorFinish ...
Brand:   Sagehill Series: Richview Collection
Our Price: $1,050.79
Seaside24BathroomVanityCabinetwithOpenShelfTheSeasideVanityCollectionfromSagehillDesignsisacasualcottagecollectionthatissomuchmorethanjustfortheseashoreItrepresentsalifestylethatisathomewherevera ...
Brand:   Sagehill Series: Seaside Collection
Our Price: $515.48
24VanityCabinetwith2DoorsformtheSomersetCollectionSagehillDesignsnewSomersetcollectionisbasedonacasualapproachtodesignthatcombinesformsymmetryandscaleThedesigninspirationisclearlyAmericanwithhintsof ...
Brand:   Sagehill Series: Somerset Collection
Our Price: $653.51
Somerset30VanityCabinetTheSomersetCollectionisbasedonacasualapproachthatcombinesformsymmetryandscaleintoaselectionoffinebathfurnishingsthatissecondtononeThecollectionfeaturesasenseofrefinedstyleb ...
Brand:   Sagehill Series: Somerset Collection
Our Price: $843.87
Somerset36VanityCabinetTheSomersetCollectionisbasedonacasualapproachthatcombinesformsymmetryandscaleintoaselectionoffinebathfurnishingsthatissecondtononeThecollectionfeaturesasenseofrefinedstyleb ...
Brand:   Sagehill Series: Somerset Collection
Our Price: $978.41
Somerset48VanityCabinetTheSomersetCollectionisbasedonacasualapproachthatcombinesformsymmetryandscaleintoaselectionoffinebathfurnishingsthatissecondtononeThecollectionfeaturesasenseofrefinedstyleb ...
Brand:   Sagehill Series: Somerset Collection
Our Price: $1,296.39
StBarts30VanityCabinetSagehillDesignispleasedtoannouncetheintroductionoftheStBartsCollectionoffinebathfurnishingsThistraditionalyetcasualcollectionisinspiredbyclassicAmericanfurnitureofthe18than ...
Brand:   Sagehill Series: St. Bart''s Collection
Our Price: $860.95
StBarts36VanityCabinetSagehillDesignispleasedtoannouncetheintroductionoftheStBartsCollectionoffinebathfurnishingsThistraditionalyetcasualcollectionisinspiredbyclassicAmericanfurnitureofthe18than ...
Brand:   Sagehill Series: St. Bart''s Collection
Our Price: $1,080.63
30Wx21Dx34H2DoorVanityMPNTP3021CategoryUPC045002143768BrandSagehillColorFinish ...
Brand:   Sagehill Series: Tempo Collection
Our Price: $853.97
30Wx21Dx34H3DrwsVanityMPNUW3021DCategoryUPC045002151299BrandSagehillColorFinish ...
Brand:   Sagehill Series: Urban Walnut Collection
Our Price: $1,153.17
36Wx21Dx34H5DrwsVanityMPNUW3621DCategoryUPC045002151305BrandSagehillColorFinish ...
Brand:   Sagehill Series: Urban Walnut Collection
Our Price: $1,311.40
30Wx21Dx34H1Dr3DrwsVanityMPNCR3021DCategoryUPC045002151510BrandSagehillColorFinish ...
Brand:   Sagehill Series: Cottage Retreat Collection
Our Price: $764.06
48Wx34Hx21Dx34H1DoorVanityW2DrawersMPNHW4821DCategoryUPC045002144505BrandSagehillColorFinish ...
Brand:   Sagehill Series: Haywood Collection
Our Price: $1,898.99
36Wx21Dx34H2DoorVanityW2DrwsMPNHZ3621DCategoryUPC045002143881BrandSagehillColorFinish ...
Brand:   Sagehill Series: Horizen Collection
Our Price: $1,206.00
48Wx21Dx34H4Drs3DrwsVanityMPNUW4821DCategoryUPC045002151312BrandSagehillColorFinish ...
Brand:   Sagehill Series: Urban Walnut Collection
Our Price: $1,504.11
36Wx21Dx34H2DoorVanityMPNPB3621CategoryUPC045002144079BrandSagehillColorFinish ...
Brand:   Sagehill Series: Palladio Collection
Our Price: $951.75
sagehilldesignsEaton24WoodVanityCabinetOnlyMPNEN2421CategoryBathroomBathroomVanitiesandFurnitureBathroomVanitiesUPCBrandsagehillColorFinish ...
Brand:   Sagehill Series: Eaton Collection
Our Price: $955.55
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Major bathroom remodels are never cheap, and redoing a big bathroom is even more expensive. But if you find yourself on a tight budget, you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice quality, or even the scope of your project, to get the job done. For anything you might want to buy, chances are there’s a whole range of similar items in different price ranges. This is especially true of bathroom vanities, including larger (and more expensive) double vanities. Why? Because a lot of factors go into the bottom line of pre-made bathroom vanities: ...
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There are a lot of factors that go into deciding what direction to take a major remodel, especially in a bathroom. Bathrooms, along with kitchens, are the most important design spaces in the home – they’re the most used, and have the most permanent fixtures (so the distinct design will stay even after you’ve moved out your stuff). So, if you have a very architecturally distinct home, choosing a bathroom decor and especially a bathroom vanity that matches it is incredibly important to ...
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When it comes to interior design, black is always a striking color. Especially if you use it in any dominant way – walls, floors, or large pieces of furniture – it’s an incredibly bold and attention grabbing color. In a bathroom this is even more true. Since there’s so little space to go around, and because white is typically the dominant color, choosing black for something large, like a bathroom vanity, is an especially daring choice. Like a little black dress, a black bathroom vanity is sleek, smooth, classy, and always in style. While wood or even some painted vanities can be dated by their color, black vanities in just about any design will always look updated, modern, and even a little edgy.
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When you´re remodeling a small bathroom, you dont really have the luxury of a lot of the decor options youd have in a bigger space. No ho-humming about whether to get the 66 or 72 inch soaking tub when all you have room for is a shower - but that doesnt mean you cant have a stylish, functional bathroom even if its more the size of a water closet - you just have to be smart with your space. A funky, eye-catching but compact vanity can serve you two ways: by providing storage with a small footprint, and enough style in a small package to make your whole bathroom pop.
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There are tons of ways to get the most out of a small bathroom, but balancing saving floor space and making more storage space – especially private storage space – isn’t always easy. Shelves are nice for utilizing horizontal space, and separate storage cabinets are great if you have the room for them, but sometimes you just need somewhere to hide your unmentionables – and that means closed storage, no matter how small your bathroom.
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The ideal bathroom remodel is always a little bit of a getaway – whether it’s a sleek, modern space for grownups to escape the kids, a decadent Victorian decor to turn back the clock, or even an Asian fusion style to take you around the globe, the goal is relaxation, to sneak you out of the daily grind and into a place where you can unwind. But sometimes those magazine centerfold bathrooms can seem almost too nice to use, too sterile or too delicate. For something that’s beautiful but a little more rugged, I love a cottage style bath – the simple white palette is clean without being cold, and can transport you to a place that’s more cozy than couture while still being utterly stylish.
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Modern bathrooms are nice, but if you´re looking for some truly decadent decor, a Victorian theme will win every time. Drawing on the luxurious designs of a time where bathing was more indulgence than necessity, opulent Victorian style elements will make you feel pampered before you ever set foot in your tub. Sagehill´s line of Victorian and antique vintage style vanities are made to do just that, with solid wood construction and beautiful antique finishes, all inspired by period pieces and designs to make the perfect backdrop for an utterly elegant, sensuously sophisticated bathroom.
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Small spaces are sometimes the hardest to design. The smaller your room, the more thought required to deal with all the little necessities – like finding the right balance of storage, floor space, and style. But in a powder room, all that goes out the window. Since you don’t need a place to store your toothbrush or curling iron, a powder room is the perfect place for that beautiful-but-impractical vanity. No cabinets? No drawers? No problem! Designer powder room vanities are an ideal way to really showcase your smaller space, and...
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Even if you love antique bathroom vanities and authentic period styles, a bathroom is probably the last place in the world you’d want to put a real antique. Between the daily use, spills, and fluctuating humidity, you’d have a disaster waiting to happen. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t have a genuine-looking antique bathroom vanities out there to play the part. I’m not talking your typical antique-inspired bathroom vanity, with exotic wood veneers and elaborate carvings...
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Some homes are so architecturally distinct that they dictate the way you design inside. Victorian, Cape Cod, cottage style, and ranch homes all come with set, expected interior decor, just to name a few. But if your home doesn’t conform to any particular structural form, you have a lot more freedom to choose your own decor. For me, that isn’t always a blessing – it can be difficult to choose a single style, and effectively executing an eclectic design isn’t easy.
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If you go with an antique style, the period of the piece will have a huge influence on the look of the room. This Normandy Chest is another re-imagined dresser, but gives a very different vibe than the Regency styled one - the piece has much more heft, and the intricate woodwork and unobtrusive knobs make it seem both earthy and regal. Perfect for adding a little unexpected sophistication to a traditional bathroom done in neutrals and autumn hues.
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If you’re a regular follower of this blog, you know I’m a big fan of bathroom storage, especially when it comes to well designed bathroom vanities. But while I tend to prefer cabinets and drawers to keep my toiletries hidden, I’m willing to admit that there’s a time and a place for open shelf bathroom vanities, too. Specifically, I love bathroom vanities that are just slightly impractical, with enough open space on the outside to put a few beautiful bathroom accessories on display...
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If modern bathroom design is all about smooth, unblemished lines, country style bathrooms are all about rugged textures and natural variations in material and craftsmanship. Take this Casual Elements vanity from Sagehill Designs. It has a supremely simple, rustic construction, with cross-style supports on the legs and a slightly aged, naturally graying finish on the wood. Add to that the simple drawer pulls and you’ve got a rustic bathroom vanity that feels more like a piece of furniture you’d find in a cozy cabin than something from a magazine spread.
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Not so very long ago, immersive, luxurious, total bathing experiences were the sole realm of spas and swanky hotels. But with the price coming down on luxury bathing equipment across the board, home spas are becoming increasingly prevalent. From custom showers to deep soaking tubs and even home steam baths, it’s entirely possible to get all of the equipment to need to enjoy every day what you’d otherwise have to pay out the ears to experience for just a few hours...
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When it comes to choosing an overarching decor for your next bathroom remodel, you have to strike a fine balance between designs that are currently trendy and pieces that will continue to look good as styles change. The lifespan of your bathroom should be much longer than the typical design cycle, so while you should take some inspiration from current fads, especially if you’re planning on selling your home within the next five years, it’s often wiser to opt for something a little more time-tested. Traditional vanities are a great...
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Wall mounted bathroom vanities are the perfect fixture for a modern styled bathroom. They’re sleek and simplistic, minimally designed and just the right amount of unconventional without looking weird. But some people might shy away from a wall mounted vanity thinking that, because they’re smaller than conventional bathroom vanities, they won’t have enough storage space for every day use. But modern wall mounted bathroom vanities are designed intelligently to make the most of the space they have, and can actually offer more usable storage space than your average bathroom vanity.
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Modern styled bathrooms have become increasingly popular in recent years, and are becoming ever more desirable when it comes to major bathroom remodels. But a modern bathroom isn’t without its pitfalls – not the least of which that the simple, industrial palette and minimalistic, geometric lines of a modern decor can end up making for a rather boxy looking bathroom. Wall mounted bathroom vanities are a great way to help customize and personalize a modern bathroom – especially wall mounted double bathroom vanities in a master bath...
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