Triarch International, Triarch Lighting fixtures, chandeliers, wall sconces, flush mounts, pendants and more
Triarch Lighting - chandeliers, flush mounts, wall sconces, outdoor Lighting and more.

Triarch Lighting - chandeliers, flush mounts, wall sconces, outdoor Lighting and more.

Triarch International designs and manufactures a wide variety of high quality home lighting products for both indoor and outdoor use. Their fixtures range from classic to contemporary, and many have a distinct international or historical influence. From delicate Venetian crystal chandeliers to Balinese inspired wall sconces, Triarch's various collections boast a huge variety of styles to fit any home or budget.

Indoor or out, good lighting is the glue that helps hold your decor together. A dark room will never look as inviting as a well lit one, no matter how well designed, and the same goes for the exterior of your home. Warm, bright lights make your home or garden look hospitable and even magical in the dark. Triarch International has a huge variety of lighting types and styles to enhance and illuminate your decor, and they coordinate impressively well across types of fixtures, allowing you to layer light without having to mix and match styles.

Triarch Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom Lighting

When designing a new bathroom or a bathroom remodel, lighting might not be at the top of your to do list, or your budget. But especially in a bathroom with no windows, finding the right source of light is absolutely crucial to creating a comfortable ambiance and making your vanity area functional as well as beautiful.

Triarch International offers a wide selection of bathroom lighting, primarily above-the-mirror wall sconces ranging from one to six lights long in dozens of contemporary styles. Almost all of their designs come in a wide variety of sizes and finishes to suit your individual needs. Even if your bathroom is configured with multiple vanities and mirrors, or if you want to keep the same style continuously throughout a larger space, you can find lights of different sizes in the same design to help complete your look.

Triarch Chandelier


Triarch International's chandeliers run the gamut from lavish regency style to simple, sleek modern ones. It's also the collection where the "international" part of their name makes one of its most notable appearances. Many of their chandeliers are heavily influenced by designs from across history and around the world, mimicking everything from medieval candle-bearing iron fixtures to Balinese style hangings with a great island flair. Even if you opt for teardrop crystals or simple frosted glass shades, though, these chandeliers are sure to make an impression.

Flush Mount Lighting

Some of Triarch International's best bargains are in their flush mount lighting collection. That said, they certainly don't sacrifice style or quality - while many of these lights are simple domed, frosted glass lights that fit directly to your ceiling, they're incredibly well made, and many of them have a little extra flair, like hand painted glass for a greater depth of light, or intricate metalwork that makes these lights stand out as utterly unique.

Island Lighting

One of their smaller collections, Triarch's island lighting nevertheless comes in an impressive variety of styles, from an ultra modern bubble-mesh covered light to their stark, minimal viking lights and everything in between. These are great for adding layers of light to a kitchen to make the space seem more open and inviting. As well, some of the more unique designs can easily be coordinated with other types of lights.


Triarch International has only a few lamps, but they're designed to coordinate with permanent light fixtures from other parts of their collection to help create a unified theme throughout a room.

Lighting Accessories

These accessories are primarily mounts that can be used to convert many of their outdoor lights into post lamps and ensure a sturdy installation.


Framed with the same finishes used in many of their lighting fixtures across all their collections, these mirrors can help draw the color and style of your lights through your room, giving your decor a subtle internal harmony. For a dark or smaller space, they can even help increase light and double your visual space.

Triarch Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Triarch's outdoor pendant and path lighting collections are delightfully whimsical. Many of their fixtures are adorned with gargoyles, lion heads, cheerful frogs and leaves... one of their lights is even designed to look like a pineapple! Among their more conventional lights, their international inspiration once again shows through, from their Victorian England style wrought iron post lights and medieval style glass lamps, to a whole slew of Asian influenced lantern lights. Of all their collections, this is easily the most playful, though they do have a quite a few neutral and contemporary designs as well.

Pendant Lighting

Triarch's pendant lighting collection is among their most varied in style, size, and price. Ranging from very simple mini pendants to lavish silver and gold plated hand-strewn glass fixtures, this line has something for just about everyone. The more middle of the line offerings are much like Triarch's flush mount lighting and wall sconces: made of antiqued glass and rubbed bronze, with varying levels of detail in the metal and glass work that scale upwards with the price.

Triarch Wall Sconce Lighting

Wall Sconces

Triarch International's wall sconces are designed to compliment and complete designs throughout the rest of their collections, mimicking each of their most popular styles on a smaller scale. From the very simple painted glass shades to more ornate fixtures with teardrop crystals or crystal and silver inlay, these sconces are specifically engineered to help complete a set of lights and unify different layered light sources with a single aesthetic.

Triarch Style

Many of Triarch International's lighting fixtures, across all types, are fairly traditional, sporting frosted glass shades and simple bronze construction, with the occasional candle style light and teardrop crystals. But where Triarch really shines (pun intended) are their lights that are a little more out of the box. Their international and historically inspired lights, from Vegas to Versailles, are innovative and fun as well as beautiful. Throughout all their collections, the lights that are consistently the most visually appealing are those prefaced with a cool name, like The Sultan.

Triarch Lighting Value

Triarch not only has a wide variety of types and styles of lights, but also have fixtures priced to fit almost any budget. Their "value series" lights are no-nonsense but elegant and well made, and many clock in under $50. For $70-$150, you can find a simple but solid and eye-catching fixture of almost any type. For what you might pay for a single chandelier elsewhere, you could easily furnish a room completely with simple, sleek lights that will enhance your existing decor. Buying from Triarch's value series really is the best way to create beautiful, layered lighting on a budget.

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