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5ShowerRose5diameterfaceplateSinglefunctionspraypatternBodyconstructedofbrass34NPSMconnectionApprox4gallonsat45psiNotforusewithRPC2PressureBalanceValve ...
Brand:   rohl Series: Perrin & Rowe Collection
Our Price: $207.75
ShowerRoseRohlShowerCollection6ShowerHead12supplyconnectionRemovablefaceplateCompletewithcheckvalve25GPMflowrestrictorIncludesswiveltablecellpadding0c ...
Brand:   rohl Series: Country Bath Collection
Our Price: $201.00
ShowerRoseRohlShowerCollection8ShowerHead12supplyconnectionRemovablefaceplateCompletewithcheckvalve25GPMflowrestrictorIncludesswiveltablecellpadding0c ...
Brand:   rohl Series: Country Bath Collection
Our Price: $285.75
AntiCalShowerheadProductFeaturesFlexiblecalciumresistantnozzlesonsprayfaceallowforeasyremovalofhardwaterbuildup12femalesupplyconnectionServiceablefaceplateRestrictedto25 ...
Brand:   rohl Series: Shower Collection
Our Price: $299.25
12ShowerRoseRohlCountryBath12ShowerHead12supplyconnectionRemovablefaceplateCompletewithcheckvalve25GPMflowrestrictorIncludesswiveltablecellpadding0c ...
Brand:   rohl Series: Country Bath Collection
Our Price: $549.00
IntegratedShowerArmandShowerheadAllbrassconstructionElastomernozzlesforeasycleaningofmineralbuildupAdjustablesinglefunctionshowerheadRestrictedto25gallonsperminute5516wid ...
Brand:   rohl Series: Wave Collection
Our Price: $2,340.75
SingleFunctionRectangularShowerheadProductFeatures738X1458faceplateAllbrassconstructionElastomernozzlesforeasycleaningofmineralbuildupUniquedesign12femaleinlet ...
Brand:   rohl Series: Modern Collection
Our Price: $807.75
6JetAdjustableShowerheadAllbrassshowerbody6adjustableanticalciumspraynozzles12femaleswivelconnection25gallonsperminuteRecommendedforpressurebalancesystemta ...
Brand:   rohl
Our Price: $115.50
8JetAdjustableShowerheadAllbrassshowerbody8adjustableanticalciumspraynozzles12femaleswivelconnection25gallonsperminuteRecommendedforthermostaticsystemstable ...
Brand:   rohl Series: Michael Berman Collection
Our Price: $190.50
6JetAdjustableShowerheadfromtheCountryBathCollectionTraditionaldesignAllbrassshowerbody6Adjustableanticalciumspraynozzles25gallonsperminuteRecommendedforpressurebalancesyst ...
Brand:   rohl Series: Country Bath Collection
Our Price: $141.75
SingleFunctionShowerheadwithCloudburstDesignRohlShowerCollectionCloudburstdesignSinglefunctionspraypattern12femaleconnectionSwivelballandsocketjoint25GPM ...
Brand:   rohl Series: Rohl Shower Collection
Our Price: $82.50
ContemporaryModern3FunctionRainFlowShowerheadfromtheRohlShowerSeries3FunctionSprayPatternsRainConcentratedRainRainConcentratedRain12FemalSwivelConnectionRestrictedto25GPM ...
Brand:   rohl Series: Rohl Shower Collection
Our Price: $107.25
MultiFunctionShowerheadMultifunctionspraypatterns12femaleconnectionSwivelconnectionRestrictedto25gallonsperminuteAnticalciumcomponentstablecellpadding0cells ...
Brand:   rohl Series: Perrin & Rowe Collection
Our Price: $276.75
ContemporaryModernOcean4FourfunctionShowerheadfromtheModernMichaelBermanSeries4FunctionSprayPatternsRainSprayMassageMist12FemaleSwivelConnectionRestrictedto25GPMTwoYearWar ...
Brand:   rohl Series: Modern & Michael Berman Collection
Our Price: $171.00
3FunctionShowerheadfromtheRohlShowerCollection3functionspraypatternsRainMistMassage12famaleconnectionSwivelconnectionRestrictionto25GPMEasycleanability ...
Brand:   rohl Series: Modern Collection
Our Price: $123.00
5FunctionShowerheadfromtheRohlShowerCollection5functionspraypatternsRainMistMassage12famaleconnectionSwivelconnectionRestrictionto25GPMEasycleanabilityta ...
Brand:   rohl Series: Modern Collection
Our Price: $70.50
6JetAdjustableShowerheadfromtheRohlShowerCollectionAllbrassshowerbody6adjustablespraynozzles12famaleswivelconnection25GPM2YearWarrantytablecellpadding0 ...
Brand:   rohl Series: Cisal Classic Bath Collection
Our Price: $106.50
8JetAdjustableShowerheadfromtheRohlShowerCollectionAllbrassshowerbody8adjustablespraynozzles12femaleswivelconnection25GPM2YearWarrantyHeight5Length35 ...
Brand:   rohl Series: Cisal Classic Bath Collection
Our Price: $181.50
9MultiJetPeriodShowerheadfromtheRohlShowerCollection9sprayareaFlexiblespraynozzlesallowforeasyremovalofhardwaterbuildup12femaleinletwithswivelconnection25GPM2Year ...
Brand:   rohl Series: Cisal Classic Bath Collection
Our Price: $480.75
ShowerRoseRohlShowerCollection4ShowerHead12supplyconnectionRemovablefaceplateCompletewithcheckvalve25GPMflowrestarterIncludesswiveltablecellpadding0ce ...
Brand:   rohl Series: Country Bath Collection
Our Price: $129.75
ShowerRoseRohlShowerCollection5ShowerHead12supplyconnectionRemovablefaceplateCompletewithcheckvalve25GPMflowrestrictorIncludesswivelRequires ...
Brand:   rohl Series: Country Bath Collection
Our Price: $165.75
8ShowerheadRohlShowerCollection8Showerheadonly12femaleNPTinletconnectionAllbrassconstructionCheckvalveandflowrestrictor25GPMSwivelballconnectionincluded ...
Brand:   rohl Series: Modern Collection
Our Price: $282.00
12WaterfallShowerRoseShowerheadModernMichaelBerman12femaleNPTinletconnectionAllbrassconstructionSwivelballconnectionincludedRestrictedto25GPMtablecellpadding0 ...
Brand:   rohl Series: Michael Berman Collection
Our Price: $636.00
MultiJetShowerheadRohlShowerInvigoratingsinglejetactionwithindividualstreamdesign412faceplateAllbrassconstruction12femaleconnectionSwivelconnectionRestrictedto25 ...
Brand:   rohl Series: Rohl Shower Collection
Our Price: $313.50
SingleFunctionShowerheadRohlShowerCollection8faceplateBrassconstructionElastomernipplesforeasycleaningofmineralbuildupUniquedesign12Femaleinletwithswivelconnectionu ...
Brand:   rohl Series: Rohl Shower Collection
Our Price: $331.50
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If you live in a place that has very hard water - especially if you aren´t able to install a whole-house water filter - you probably have a problem with limescale residue and unsightly buildup forming on your faucets and in your shower. As the water dries or evaporates, minerals are deposited on the surface and in the nozzles of your fixtures, clogging them and hardening on the surface, restricting the flow of water. Touch Clean technology aims to make the hard-to-clean shower head a thing of the past, but what is it, and how does it work?..
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Do you have a really old, crusty, gross shower head? Or maybe just one that´s jut okay, but doesn´t really give you the kind of shower you enjoy? If you´re putting off replacing it because you don´t want the hassle of calling a plumber, you´re in luck. Swapping out shower heads is one of the easiest jobs in the bathroom. Even if you´ve never done it before, it shouldn´t take more than half an hour, start to finish, to do. How? Simple...
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Have you ever wandered out into a summer rain? Not gotten stuck in a downpour without an umbrella or your galoshes, or had to trod home through a storm, but just stepped outside and turned your face up to the falling water? I have, and I love the feeling - so you can imagine how excited I was to hear that rain showers are starting to show up in homes as well as spas. What is a rain shower?
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Nobody deserves having to suffer a wimpy shower. Last year, it felt like my shower head wasn´t even trying anymore. In the morning when my eyes don´t open and my throat is scratchy, I am counting on my shower to get me exhilarated and fresh to face the day. All of these shower heads meet the 2.5 gallon per minute regulation. Extra pressure leads to a shorter shower, which is good for conserving water and saving money...
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