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Black Bathroom Vanities

You won´t find many vanities over 90 inches in length, but if you´ve got a really big bathroom, having a vanity in this size is almost a must. Once you pass the seven food mark, your vanity is going to be the main focal point of your bathroom, so when you´re remodeling, start there, find a style you like, and design your bathroom around it (rather than the other way around). If you´re installing a very large vanity into an existing bathroom, make sure to look for ones with a modular design, to ensure your bathroom vanity installation won´t get stopped at your door frame.
Black bathroom vanities are modern, sophisticated, and just a little bit daring. Large black fixtures are a bold choice in almost any room, and are even moreso in a space as small as a bathroom, which makes them a great, easy way to make a statement. Whatever the design, from period-inspired antique vanities to homey cottage style design to simple, minimal modern vanities, a subtly glossy black finish can make just about any bathroom vanity look clean, stark, and striking - perfect for a breathtaking modern design.
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Brand:   Silkroad Exclusive Series: Double Module
Brand:   Silkroad Exclusive Series: Over 72 inches
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