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Bathroom Vanities by Silkroad Exclusive

Bathroom Vanities 70 - 90 inches Wide

Transitional Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanities in the 70-90 inch range are big, beautiful pieces best suited toward a master suite. Almost without exception, these are double bathroom vanities that come equipped with two full sized cabinets, 1-3 sets of drawers, and plenty of elbow room for two. Ones on the smaller end of this bracket (72" vanities are pretty common) are frequently sold as a single unit, but approaching 80" or more, you start to see a more modular design. These larger vanities come in a whole range of styles, but instead of a single unit, they arrive in two or three pieces. These modular units assemble seamlessly in your bathroom, but are much easier to navigate through doors and around corners during installation.
Combining classical shapes with simplified modern lines and hardware, transitional bathroom vanities are the perfect way to give your bathroom a truly timeless appeal. Transitional vanities are available in a wide variety of materials, from solid wood to plywood or MDF, and are made to emphasize a simple, sleek design while maintaining the heft and weight of more traditional styles. If you're looking for a way to update your bathroom, but want a look that's more moderate than modern, a transitional vanity combines the best of both worlds for a unique, contemporary bathroom design.
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Brand:   Silkroad Exclusive Series: 60 to 72 inches
Brand:   Silkroad Exclusive Series: 60 to 72 inches
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Tips for Buying Transitional Bathroom Vanities

If you´re unsure about the direction you want to take with your next bathroom remodel, a transitional bathroom vanity is the perfect neutral starting ground. Neither too starkly modern nor decadently old fashioned, transitional bathroom vanities combine best of both in a simple, timeless package. But where do you go from there?

Transitional Bathroom Vanities
  • Neutral Is Beautiful. The real beauty of transitional bathroom vanities is that they’re neutral enough to work with a wide variety of decor styles. They retain the basic shapes of antique or traditional styled bathroom vanities, paring them down to the simplest lines possible for a look that’s part contemporary, part classic, or just about whatever else you want them to be.
  • Power In Accessories. More than almost any other type of bathroom vanities, transitional vanities are strongly influenced by the stuff you put around them. Add a clawfoot tub and a chandelier and you’ve got a sleek, chic, contemporary take on a period style bathroom. Add a concrete floor and a vessel sink, and you’ve got something a little more modern. Add a standard tub with some nice tile and a good pair of curtains… and you’ve got a comfortable, casual place to take a bath.
  • Long Lasting Comfort. Sometimes, it’s more about making a space that’s comfortable than conforming to any magazine spread style bathroom decor. If you’re looking to build a bathroom you’ll still love in a decade, and would rather avoid any specific “in” style, a transitional bathroom vanity has just enough of the classic to last a lifetime, and just enough of the contemporary not to look dated.
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