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Bathroom Vanities by Silkroad Exclusive

Bathroom Vanities 70 - 90 inches Wide

Antique and Victorian Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanities in the 70-90 inch range are big, beautiful pieces best suited toward a master suite. Almost without exception, these are double bathroom vanities that come equipped with two full sized cabinets, 1-3 sets of drawers, and plenty of elbow room for two. Ones on the smaller end of this bracket (72" vanities are pretty common) are frequently sold as a single unit, but approaching 80" or more, you start to see a more modular design. These larger vanities come in a whole range of styles, but instead of a single unit, they arrive in two or three pieces. These modular units assemble seamlessly in your bathroom, but are much easier to navigate through doors and around corners during installation.
Sleek, sophisticated, and elegant, our antique and Victorian style bathroom vanities are the perfect way to add a little old world charm to any bathroom. Almost all our antique vanities, including the Victorian style vanities, are made of solid hardwood, often with genuine exotic wood veneers. For a truly authentic period decor (and a truly luxurious bathroom design), the majority of these vanities are hand finished with gently weathered patinas and slightly distressed wood. Many of the antique bathroom vanities are even hand carved with ornate, period-inspired designs for a genuinely decadent antique style bathroom.
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Brand:   Silkroad Exclusive Series: 60 to 72 inches
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Tips for Buying Antique Bathroom Vanities

Antique bathroom vanities are a great centerpiece for a decadent, period-inspired bathroom. If you want a look that´s both ornate and timeless, an antique bathroom vanity is an excellent option, especially when paired with other period-inspired fixtures. If you haven´t entirely settled on your design, though, here are a few important things to keep in mind while you´re in the market:

Antique Bathroom Vanities
  • Price = Quality. Hand carved, solid wood bathroom vanities tend to be more expensive, but also more detailed. Machine finished MDF or veneered bathroom vanities are cheaper, but have less sophisticated woodwork.
  • Authenticity Is Expensive. Antique bathroom vanities that replicate authentic period pieces can be hard to find (not to mention expensive), so it might be wise to opt for a vanity that blends multiple antique elements rather than mimicking a single historical style.
  • Eclectic Is More Casual (In A Good Way). In that same light, matching a whole bathroom to a single period can be quite difficult, and can end up feeling a little stuffy and rigid. Instead, build your bathroom with an eclectic variety of vintage pieces, like a clawfoot tub, real stone tile, and an antique chandelier for a look that´s sophisticated without being museum-like.
  • Accents Are Everything. If you want the real antique look and feel, consider adding texture, especially cloth, to your bathroom - fabric shower curtains, rugs, or even textured wallpaper or tapestries can add authenticity to an antique bathroom decor.
  • Have a little fun with it. While antique bathroom vanities may be large and imposing, adding a little whimsy with a piece of decorative accent furniture, shaped faucets, or mural tiles can turn the space into one that will make you feel pampered rather than uncomfortably formal.
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