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Scirocco Towel Warmers and Bathroom Heaters

Scirocco Hydronic Towel Warmers and Bathroom Heaters

Scirocco is an Italian based company that produces designer towel warmers and bathroom heaters. Combining the age-old power of heated water with fashion forward Italian designs, Scirocco aims to bring radiant heating into the 21st century and make it an integral part of your home. Scirocco's company mission is to design products that are absolutely irresistible, so be aware: once you see their sleek, playful modern designs, you might not be able to resist!

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Scirocco Bathroom Heaters and Towel Warmers

Modern Bathroom Style

For Scirocco, a towel warmer is more than just a heated towel rack. Each and every one of their towel warmers is designed to be playful, eye catching, and just as much an accent in your bathroom as it is a functional fixture. From compact, offset geometric swirls to full sized room dividers, each one of Scirocco's towel warmers and bathroom heaters is designed to be a beautiful, essential part of your bathroom decor.

Hotel Style Luxury

Towel warmers offer one of life's simplest pleasures - soft, fuzzy, warm-to-the-touch towels on demand 24/7. The perfect compliment to a luxury bathroom remodel or an excellent addition on their own, Scirocco's hydronic towel warmers are both beautiful and efficient, bringing a perk usually only found in hotels right to your own bathroom. Plus, because they circulate water directly from your water heater, they cost almost nothing to maintain once they're installed.

Not Your Gradma's Radiator

You might associate radiators with older construction - turn of the century buildings with ancient pipes the creak and groan and drip. But Scirocco's towel warmers and bathroom heaters are not your grandmother's radiator. Their sleek, modern designs are not only more attractive, but are also more efficient - and much, much less noisy. So if you're sick of your old fashioned radiator, it might be time to try on one of Scirocco's sleek, modern designs.

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