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Roda By Basco Glass Shower Doors

Roda By Basco - Luxury Glass Shower Doors

Roda is an exclusive line of luxury shower door enclosures from Basco, one of the preeminent producers of shower doors in the market. With an emphasis on designer style and modern frameless shower doors, Roda by Basco offers a variety of high quality, durable glass shower doors made to be customized to just about any space.

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Roda By Basco Glass Shower Doors

Frameless Shower Doors

Frameless shower doors are a hot trending item in the bathroom design world these days, but Basco has been making them since 1970. Always at the forefront of innovation, Roda by Basco has frameless shower doors that range from classic to cutting edge, but all of them are designed with beauty in mind. Whether showcasing your tile work or creating a wide open shower, their frameless shower doors create a seamless, uninterrupted style based on years of practical experience and design know-how.

Quality Glass Construction

Roda by Basco uses heavy glass in all of their shower doors and shower enclosures, ensuring that their products are both safe and incredibly durable. Their shower doors are available in a variety of textured and frosted glass patterns, allowing you to choose between open, clear glass structures to show off the tiling inside your shower, or beautifully finished designs for added privacy. Plus, no matter what type of glass you choose, Roda by Basco offers a special AquaGlideXP coating, which bonds with the glass to increase its sheen and luster, and helps prevent spotting and the buildup of soap scum or mineral deposits, so your shower doors will stay looking as beautiful as the day you bought them.

Roda By Basco Glass Shower Doors

Customizable Construction

More than anything else, the purpose of Basco's Roda collection is to create glass shower enclosures that are perfectly customized to your taste and the needs of your specific bathroom. To that end, they don't offer merely standard sized glass sheets; each of their designs come in dozens of sizes and shapes to fit the exact contours of your desired enclosure to build exactly the shower you want the way you want it.

Roda By Basco Glass Shower Doors

Dream Bathroom Design

Basco has more than 50 years experience in creating shower doors and shower enclosures, and Roda represents their foray into creating extremely high end luxury dream showers. Each of their eight fully customizable designs is meant to create a haven as much as a shower, a truly decadent shower door designed to cater to a market that's increasingly focused on designer bath spaces.

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