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Laufen is a leading international manufacturer of designer bathroom furnishings and fixtures. In operation in some form since 1892, Laufen produces sleek, modern bathroom vanities, sinks, toilets, bidets, and bathtubs that have won awards all across Europe for their design, material, and even their environmentally conscious manufacturing processes. Now available in America, these stunning modern fixtures are the perfect way to update and revitalize your bathroom.

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Laufen bathroom Fixtures

Laufen's Sleek Modern Aesthetic

As a Swiss company, Laufen's design aesthetic is influenced by the modern fashion of Italy to the south, and the Bauhaus modernist style to the north. Their design team consists of nine designers from a variety of backgrounds all over Europe, each of them seeking to re-imagine the bathroom as a living space, placing form before function and creating a beautiful, inviting environment rather than a utilitarian space. Their design tends towards sleek lines and smooth curves, and makes the best use of a small amount of space with an eye towards a smaller urban European bathroom.

A History of Ceramics

Laufen began as a small pottery factory in Switzerland in 1892, and has since expanded to include four other historical ceramic-making facilities throughout Europe. More than anything, this means that Laufen has had ample time to perfect their medium, and now has taken a very traditional material and more than a hundred years of experience to fulfill a very modern vision: a unified, total bathroom design that's as relaxing and easy to use as it is beautiful.

Laufen bathroom Fixtures

Relaxation Oasis

Traditionally, bathroom design has favored functionality, with utilitarian fixtures and straightforward, largely similar, and often bland designs. But Laufen is a forerunner in the trend of turning bathrooms into relaxing design centers of the home. Their ceramic fixtures shirk tradition, offering gorgeous, minimal-yet-decadent designs that make a bathroom equal parts enjoyable to use and enjoyable to be in.

Laufen bathroom Fixtures

Dedication to The Environment

When it comes to environmental friendliness, Laufen is exemplary at all levels. Their production plants are all low energy use and reduce energy waste in any way possible, such as using "waste" heat from the production process to dry ceramics at another stage of manufacture. They've won multiple prizes for their environmentally sound business structure, including holding the Swiss Energy Agency For Industry award since 2006. They use recycled materials wherever possible while holding all their products to higher standards than those set by the EU, and are dedicated to building products that not only work efficiently and use water sparingly, but also that are highly durable and long lived, so they won't have to be discarded and replaced.

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