Knief Freestanding Tubs - Modern and Period Style Designs
Knief - Luxury Freestanding bathtubs

Knief - Luxury Freestanding bathtubs

Founded in 1979, Knief is a German-based company that manufactures high quality acrylic freestanding tubs. Their tubs range from authentic antique inspired to gorgeous modern designs, offering a selection that's sure to please just about any homeowner. Plus, all of their bathtubs are manufactured entirely in Europe, and are held to the highest quality standards on the market, ensuring a final product that's as well made as it is lovely.

Knief Freestanding Tubs

Authentic Period Tub Designs

Knief offers a wide range of freestanding bathtubs, including a whole selection of unique vintage clawfoot tubs. From oval-shaped Edwardian tubs to several varieties of the more iconic Victorian slipper tub, Knief offers beautiful antique designs with a more modern, lightweight, and less expensive acrylic construction.

Knief Freestanding Tubs

Specialty Modern Baths

In addition to authentic antique designs, Knief also offers freestanding acrylic tubs with a much more modern twist. Offering unique tub shapes in statuesque modern styles, Knief is at the cutting edge of modern bathroom design. Plus, the lightweight acrylic construction makes unique, stylish tubs viable in areas (like a second story apartment) that might not be able to support a traditional freestanding tub.

Knief Freestanding Tubs

Sanitary Acrylic Construction

All of Knief's luxury bathtubs are made out of sanitary-grade Lucite acrylic, which offers several advantages over other types of acrylic. First, Lucite acrylic is much less likely to discolor, fade, crack or blister, and is more highly resistant to chemicals and high temperatures. As well, it produces a smoother, glossier surface that has a nicer feel and is much easier to clean. Essentially, the use of Lucite acrylic eliminates many of the common disadvantages of acrylic tubs, while enhancing the points that make them desirable.

High Quality Construction

That same Lucite acrylic is responsible for several other structural "pros". Knief's tubs are made of double-layered acrylic. That means the tubs have walls up to 50mm thick that are extremely durable, stable, and highly insulating, while also being incredibly lightweight. That means they have a multitude of advantages not only over acrylic tubs, but also over porcelain and cast iron ones. Their light weight makes them easier to maneuver and install, and allows them to be installed in areas that might not be able to support heavier metal tubs. As well, the acrylic is warm to the touch, unlike metal tubs, but the thick Lucite won't lose heat the way regular acrylic does, narrowing the advantage of cast iron in that regard as well.

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