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Since opening their doors in 1998, Kingston Brass has become a leading manufacturer of luxury kitchen and bathroom fixtures, in no small part due to their emphasis on quality, variety, and affordability. With more than a dozen unique kitchen and bathroom collections ranging from bold, cutting-edge modern designs to authentic historical reproductions, they have a huge selection of styles suited to just about any décor. But what really sets them apart is their thoroughness: while some similar companies only provide basic fixtures like toilets, shower heads, or sink faucets, Kingston Brass provides complete, coordinated sets of fixtures and accessories for both the kitchen and the bath, to ensure you have everything you need to do your remodel right, and keep all the parts coordinated.

Total Bathroom Style

The heart of Kingston Brass' bathroom collection are their lavatory faucets. Each and every one is designed with the utmost attention to detail – to historical accuracy for their vintage style collections, longevity for their transitional designs (which combine timeless classical shapes with sleek, contemporary functionality), and with an eye toward modern aesthetic principles for their more cutting edge designs. They really do offer something for just about taste, and every design comes in a variety of styles, so your fixture will fit to your bathroom, not the other way around. Whether you prefer a one handle or two, a deck mount or wall mount, or even a tall, svelte vessel faucet, each of Kingston's collections have a design to suit your needs in exactly the style you want.

Complete Bathroom Design

It would be plenty easy to shop around between a lot of different brands to find a lavatory faucet you like. But the greatest appeal of Kingston Brass' bathroom design is not only that they have an immense selection of thoughtfully designed faucets, but that each of their period or themed collections also include a full range of matching bathroom hardware. From shower systems and tub fillers to towel racks, toilet paper holders, robe hooks, shelves – even toilet trip levers – they present each collection not simply as a choice of faucets, but as complete décor sets. No more worrying about trying to match finishes across different brands or trying to find a similar style somewhere else – Kingston has everything you could need from drain to ceiling to get your bathroom coordinated and complete. The best part? All of their items come in a wide variety of finishes, but have a solid brass internal construction that makes them strong enough to last a lifetime.

Greenseal Faucets for Kitchen and Bath

Kingston Brass is dedicated to helping you help the environment. That's why they developed Greenseal technology – a special aeration system used both in their kitchen and bathroom faucets and in their shower heads, and which can significantly reduce your home water consumption. And unlike many low-flow systems, Greenseal has been rigorously tested and designed to ensure no loss of performance – you won't even be able to tell the difference, even though the system reduces water output to a meager-seeming 1.5 gallons per minute. Better still, it can do wonders for your bottom line – each faucet you replace will reduce your water usage by about 40%, or over 10,000 gallons per year, and each showerhead will save another 7,000 or so gallons – a very small change that can make a big difference on your monthly utility bills.

Gourmet Kitchens

Kingston Brass' flair for detail carries over in their kitchen collections. Many of the historical and contemporary designs begun in their bathroom lineups continue on in their kitchen designs, allowing you to coordinate not only within a single room, but throughout your home. That said, their kitchen collections have quite a few unique features as well, including several more kitchen-only lines that incorporate contemporary European design as well as some classical American style. As with their bathroom décor, each of their three main faucet types – kitchen, bar, and pot filler – are all available in matching designs and a wide variety of finishes, and are made of solid brass to be incredibly durable, even in a heavily used kitchen.

Kitchen Sinks an Faucets Made By Chefs For Chefs

Kingston emphasizes functionality as well as beauty in their kitchen décor, and provides kitchen faucets, bar faucets, and pot fillers that will not only look great in your kitchen, but will also meet all the practical needs of even the most gourmet chef. Many of their faucets (both kitchen faucets and the smaller bar faucets) come equipped with integrated, restaurant quality pull-out sprayers with unique, innovative (often flexible!) designs, and some of their more classic styles have free-standing sprayers as well. For the truly discerning chef (or the busy cook with a big family) Kingston offers a full line of pot fillers designed to take the back ache out of soup or pasta making by allowing you to fill your pot right on the stove, rather than toting it from the sink. All three types of sinks can be coordinated to match, and their kitchen and bar sinks come in a wide variety of installation options as well as styles – including one, two, three, and four-hole decks as well as wall mounted versions.

Kingston Promise

Kingston Brass operates on a very simple philosophy: that good products and good customer service speak for themselves in a crowded market. In all areas, Kingston strives to meet and surpass American quality and environmental standards, and are constantly introducing new lines and refining, redesigning, and expanding existing ones in an effort to better meet the needs of their customers. The result? One of the most diverse and comprehensive collections of kitchen and bathroom faucets on the market today.

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