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Inax - Modern Sanitaryware - Toilets, Sinks

Inax - Modern Sanitaryware - Toilets, Sinks

INAX represents the North American branch of a Japanese based company that focuses on cutting edge, environmentally friendly bathroom fixtures. From a variety of beautiful sinks to their specialty low-flow, high-tech toilets and toilet seats, INAX seeks to bring some of the luxury advancements common in Japan to the US market.

Inax Toilets and Sinks

Earth-First Design

Many people associate environmentally friendly bathroom fixtures with poor performance, but INAX seeks to change that. With a whole collection of uniquely designed toilets that provide a powerful flush with less water, INAX is dedicated not to merely meeting environmental regulations, but to surpassing them. In fact, nearly all of their toilets are "Water Sense" certified, offering some of the most efficient toilets on the market. And with dual-flush toilets that can use as little as .8 gallons of water per flush, their toilets can actually reduce your annual water consumption by up to 40%.

Inax Toilets and Sinks

Cool Gadgets for the Bathroom

Already quite popular in Japan, INAX's integrated toilets are starting to become popular in North America as well. These luxury toilets are packed with technology, from night lights and iPod docks to heated, self-raising seats, air deodorizers, and fully functioning bidets and air driers. In a space that's renowned for luxury remodels, an INAX integrated toilet or advanced toilet seat is really a luxurious throne, whether you want whisper-quiet late night flushing or just a toilet that put's the seat up (or down!) for you.

Inax Toilets and Sinks

Technology for Better Hygiene

The inclusion of a bidet, either integrated into a toilet or as part of a separate toilet seat, can actually help improve personal hygiene. With several heat and intensity settings, INAX's integrated bidets can be customized to each user's preferences to provide a thorough, refreshing cleanse. Their integrated toilet seats can be especially useful for the elderly or people with physical handicaps, as they can be installed on any height toilet, and offer a way to attain easy and independent intimate hygiene, even with limited mobility.

Modern Bathroom Design

Even with all their unique innovations and high-tech fixtures, at its core INAX is a modern designer with a modern aesthetic. Their bathroom sinks - vessel sinks, wall mounted sinks, and pedestal sinks – all have a smooth, elegant modern design, with simple forms and sleek lines that are simultaneously cutting edge and timelessly classic. Even their toilets display a certain attention to detail, from the more obviously sophisticated flushing mechanisms to more subtle details like easy-to-clean skirted bases.

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