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Glass Baths is a modern bathroom designer based in Italy but serving more than 50 countries around the world. An innovative and rapidly expanding company, Glass has only recently brought their luxury soaking tubs and freestanding bathtubs to North America, but is already making a name for themselves in the American market. With a contemporary mindset and a slightly modular aesthetic, Glass offers an angular alternative to your conventional curvy Victorian bathtub design.

Glass Luxury Tubs

Award Winning Designs

Recipients of the 2011 Wallpaper* Design Award and the Designer Magazine silver ward for product innovation of the year, also in 2011, Glass is a recognized force in modern bathroom design. So if you're looking to build a cutting edge, fashion-forward modern bathroom, one of Glass's freestanding bathtubs might be exactly the focal point you're looking for.

Modular Modern Aesthetic

While many designers opt for curvier, Victorian-inspired freestanding tubs, Glass sticks with a more angular modern aesthetic, utilizing the clean lines and sharp angles of a modern design that's perfect for a more geometric modern bathroom. But although, outwardly Glass's bathtubs are a little square, inside they're designed for soaking, with built in head-rests and smooth scooped insides that keep the tub comfy.

Building A Better Bathroom

Glass is renowned for their innovative, stylish, cutting edge designs, but at their heart their focus is on wellness and building distinguishing solutions to make the bathroom an integral and enjoyable part of your home. Their modular bathtubs, for example, give you all the beauty and roominess of the biggest and most luxurious soaking tubs while allowing you either to leave them freestanding or fit them comfortably into other pieces of furniture, applying intelligent modular design to your entire bathroom.

Experimentation, Combination, Innovation

These three words are Glass's motto as they seek to re-envision the basics of bathroom design to create a more creative, innovative space. They're in the business of designing bathrooms not just that you can live with, but that you'll want to live in, encompassing not only wellness needs but keeping an eye on future trends, so your bathroom will stay in style for years to come.

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