Euro Style Furniture
Eurostyle Furniture

EuroStyle - Contemporary Furniture

Founded in 1985 by Swedish designer Trig Liljestrand, EuroStyle is now one of the leading purveyors of modern furniture. With a solid grounding in Swedish minimalism, EuroStyle's aesthetic is simple: functional form and straightforward construction, with smooth, stylish lines and sometimes eye popping colors. Though hailing from the same nation, and with a similar minimal bent, EuroSyle offers everything Ikea doesn't: well made furnishings using only high quality materials and the best workmanship. That said, their prices are impressively reasonable, making their simple, minimal furniture a great blend of quality and value.

EuroStyle Furniture

Swedish Minimalism

Following a Swedish affection for simple functionality, EuroStyle's furniture offers a stark but stylish minimalism that's excellent for a modern decor. You won't find a lot of ornamentation on their furniture, just simple, clean lines and geometric shapes, but the smooth patterns are easy to look at and even easier to live with. Whether you're opting for a small bistro table or an ergonomic office chair, you'll find that EuroStyle prizes comfortable functionality across all its lines, and manages to look good doing it.

EuroStyle Furniture

Simple Modern Materials

Like their furniture designs, EuroStyle's material choice is simple but effective. With a penchant for chrome, glass, highly lacquered wood, plastic, and leatherette upholstery, it's easy to mix and match furniture between their collections. Maybe more importantly, all their pieces have a subtle sheen to them, from satiny leatherette sofas to high-gloss dining sets, EuroStyles uses only materials that are eye catching. Glossy materials and bright pops of color make up for a lack of ornamentation, and make for a simple yet stunning decor.

EuroStyle Furniture

Ergonomic Design

EuroStyles designs their furniture as much for your body as for your home. With all ornamentation stripped away, often their design comes down to a simple choice of what will work the best, the most comfortably, and the most efficiently. From cheeky cherry red barstools with subtle lower back support to posture improving lounges and innovative, supportive office chairs, a large part of what defines EuroStyle's products is their innovative, ergonomical design. Their furniture happens to look cool and futuristic simply because they've found newer, better ways to help you sit, lounge, or even work more comfortably..

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